How To Beat Matilda Cyberpunk The Massive Sasquatch: A Simple Effective Way to Beat Matilda Cyberpunk

Updated December 14, 2020

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Niranjani Jesentha K

How to beat Matilda Cyberpunk one of the most devastating enemies in the game is a question that is repeatedly asked. Matilda often known as the Sasquatch is a lady that the players will come across during the ‘I Walk The Line’. This lady gives a tough fight that is almost impossible to crack but this article will enlighten you with a simple yet effective way to beat Matilda Cyberpunk in 2077 and how to beat Matilda Cyberpunk. Read the post below to find out how to beat Matilda Cyberpunk

How To Beat Matilda Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 the action adventure game developed by CD Projekt contains a level called the I Walk the Line one of the enemies that a player will face in this level is Matilda often known as Sasquatch. The encounter with her is termed as the Boss fight. She is one of the most difficult characters to defeat. This is owing to the reason that she as the ability to surpass all the attacks we impose on her. Any damage that players inflict on her disappears within seconds. Her main aim to smash the players skull and face with her hammer.

How To Beat Matilda Cyberpunk 2077

Matilda’s attacks are brutal and one might feel like they have been hit by a truck. Though difficult it is not impossible to defeat her. But before the actual process of beating her you need to destroy a crystal that is purple in colour this crystal is her cyberware that helps her to restore herself after every attack. This crystal needs to be broken as early as possible. Here are some tips and ways to destroy her crystal.

  1. Scan Matilda to find if she has any weakness before the fight begins
  2. If your level is high you can reboot her optics this will give you a chance to break the purple crystal
  3. If you are experienced in hacking you can hack into her systems but this is not an assured way of defeating her
  4. Get her to swing her hammer at you while standing near a piece of furniture. Dodge right when her hammer is about to hit you it will hit the furniture.
  5. This will daze Matilda for a few seconds giving you the opening to move to her back and break the purple crystal.
  6. Use chunky revolvers to break the crystal as it is more effective.

Beat Matilda Cyberpunk In 2077

​​​​​​​Even if you break the crystal she is still a strong opponent but there is more chance to defeat her now if you keep hitting her with your power moves. here are some ways you can dimish her health pool

  1. Use Fire weapons as they do a great deal of damage
  2. Avoid using reloadable shotguns
  3. Sniper Rifles are one of the best weapons that will make defeating her easy.

How To Beat Matilda Cyberpunk – FAQ

1. In which level do we encounter Matilda?

Players will encounter Matilda in ‘I Walk the Lane’ level

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