How to Access The Haunted Forest Destiny 2: Check Step by Step Guide for How to Enter the Haunted Forest Destiny 2?

How to Access The Haunted Forest Destiny 2 - Are you ready to enter the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Haunted Forest? Want to earn exciting rewards and use the bonus offers? The event is conducted from 6th October to 3rd November. So all set for a loot? Find out everything about - How To Access The Haunted Forest Destiny 2, How To Enter Haunted Forest Destiny 2, How To Start Haunted Forest Destiny 2?

by Shalini K

Updated Oct 16, 2020

How to Access The Haunted Forest Destiny 2: Check Step by Step Guide for How to Enter the Haunted Forest Destiny 2?

How to Access the Haunted Forest Destiny 2?

Eva Levante is back in the next season of Arrivals. For the vast expansion, Bungie has added some extra features and refined touches. Get some treats, wear your mask and tout the candies.

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How to Enter Haunted Forest Destiny 2?

Time to fight your fears and enter the world of Haunted Forest Destiny. Follow the steps to access the haunted forest destiny 2.

1. Speak with Eva Levante

Players will start by giving an entry test to get familiarized with the gameplay loop. For this, the players have to access the Haunted Forest Node given on the Director and Tower destination map. Upon entering the tower, you will see Eva Levante sitting in front of you. Now get your mask from her by engaging her in some conversation.

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2. Access the Mask/Helmet

Select a Helmet. You can choose either a Masquerader's Hood, Helm or Cowl. The best part of the helmet is , it fits with any mask you possess. It is believed that, the mask is independent armour pieces. They are ubiquitous ornaments for the Masquerader helmets. Each mask imbibes in them, the forest mods which can only be applied in the activity.

3.Contact the Spider

Eva will ask to contact the Spider because it needs your help with the festival. To access the Spider's house, you have to move towards the thieves land in the Tangled Shore. Spider also known as "The master of Wares", tracks down the precious cargo - The Vex which is hiding in the Haunted Forest. To succeed in your mission, you have to track the stash and divide it with him.

4. Finish the Gambit match, one strike, or Crucible match

Did we notice, Spider needs loot which was owned by the Fallen House of Kings? These Encrypted Caches (plunder chests) are everything bolted with versatile codes, so you require to find a few decoders. You need to do one movement from the centre playlists, so pick a strike, play a round of Gambit, or jump in the Crucible to get your first Cipher Decoder. 

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The Lake of Shadows strike isn't on the centre playlist; however, you can choose it from the EDZ objective guide. Being the quickest strike to finish, you can clear it in around 3-5 minutes relying upon your group. Try not to stress, the strike checks and is the fastest method to propel the journey.

5.In the Haunted Forest, Use the Cipher Decoder on a cache

Since you have your hands on a Cipher Decoder, it's an ideal opportunity to run the Haunted Forest. There will be a breakdown further beneath however after you complete the occasion and plunder the chest, you'll have one last goal before you open the Haunted Forest in full.

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6. Speak to Eva Levante

Swing over to the Tower one last time (it's simpler in any case) and address Eva Levante. She's not exactly excited for Spider having you gotten his things done, understands that working with him is a mix-up and offers you more Chocolate Strange Coins to present appropriate reparations. Presently you've opened the Haunted Forest.

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7.The Haunted Forest.

The Haunted Forest is a Festival of the Lost variation of the Infinite Forest on Mercury. This zone is procedurally created, which means the guide format and warriors are arbitrary so that you won't run a similar course twice. The goal is to free branches from the woodland. There are two renditions of the action; see their disparities beneath. The two of them require a base force level of 750.

Frequented Forest 

This standard adaptation of the Haunted Forest has matchmaking, gathering players until a fireteam of three is shaped. 

Firewalled Haunted Forest 

Burden into the Haunted Forest without matchmaking. Take the test solo or structure a pre-made fireteam.

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How To Access The Haunted Forest Destiny 2 - FAQ

1. When is the Lost Haunted Forest event starting?

The event is conducted from 6th October to 3rd November.

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