How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1, Check the Bloodlands Episode List

How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1 - The BBC One produced show began a few weeks back with two episodes being released and the fans are so geared up for the series that have already begun to search How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1. Are you also a fan of the series and are wondering about How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1 read the article below to find details on that as well as regarding the  Bloodlands Episode 2

by Maria Thomas | Updated Mar 03, 2021 12:04 PM

How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1, Check the Bloodlands Episode List

How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1?

Bloodlands, a series that came out recently under the production of Jed Mercurio,  the producer of renowned shows like The Bodyguard and Line of Duty both Netflix Originals has become one of the most coveted shows on BBC where the show is being streamed.  Since the release of the trailer of Bloodlands on 1st February 2021 the show has been acquiring fans slowly but the premier of the show amassed a huge number of fans. The series that comes under the crime, detection and investigative genre had a great response on release of its first episode itself. No sooner than the release of Bloodlands episode 1 has the demand for Bloodlands next episode begun. Though warm welcome was expected, the producer and director of the show did not expect the exponential response they received for the series with the release of the first episode in itself. In fact not just the demands for the next episode but also the query to know how many episodes of bloodlines are there has also been going on recently. 

Bloodlands How Many Episodes?

As of now the production team of the series have released 2 episodes with the first episode being released on 21st February 2021 and the 2nd episode on 28th February 2021. Both these episodes were a huge hit and fans have been waiting for the release of the Bloodlands Episode 3 which is expected to be on 7th March 2021. The series has a very intriguing plot wherein a case that has gone cold has sprung up again with a loose assassin. The series focuses on  Tom Brannick, a Northern Irish Police detective who is tasked with this case. The case comes back to life with a suicide note found in car pulled form Strangford Lough with the owner kidnapped. The first episode, the pilot episode of the series, was more of an introductory episode with the character's introduction. But it is in this episode that the audience comes to know about the cold case and its reopening. Moreover the episodes are quite long giving the audience the time to acclimate themselves with the characters and the plot. 

Bloodlands Episode 2

The most recent episode that was released in the series Bloodlands is the Bloodlands Episode 2 that came out on 28th February. The second episode was more enlightening in terms that this episode dwelt in detail the problem that it has arisen and gives more insight into the characters’ thought process and a deeper inlay of the plot of the series was also present in this episode. The next episode  Bloodlands Episode 3 is also all set to be released and fans are expecting the Bloodlands Episode 3 to be released on 7th March 2021. It can also be observed that the episodes in the series are being released every sunday and it is based on this that the expected release date of Bloodlands Episode 3 was surmised. 

Bloodlands Episode List

ince one of the most recurring questions that has been asked about the series is how many episodes of Bloodlines are there we have compiled the epsodes that have released and the episodes that are to be released. It is expected that the series Bloodlands will have 4. episodesGiven below is the list that enumerates the how many episodes in Bloodlands

Episode Number  Release Date
Episode 1 21 Feb. 2021
Episode 2 28 Feb. 2021
Episode 3 7 Mar. 2021 (Expected)
Episode 4 14 Mar. 2021 (Expected)

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How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1 - FAQs

1. How Many Episodes In Bloodlands Series 1 ?

It is expected that bloodlands series 1 will have 4 episodes

2. When was Bloodlands episode 2 released?

Bloodlands episode 2 was released on 28th February 2021

3. When was series Bloodlands released?

The series Bloodlands was released on 21st February 2021

4. Where can I watch the Bloodlands series?

You can watch the Bloodlands series on BBC's official web portal, though currently the series is made available only in UK

5. Who is the main character in the series Bloodlands?

The series revolves around Tom Brannick, a Northern Irish Police detective who is tasked with this case