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Hispanic Anime Characters: Check List of Famous Hispanic And Latino Anime Characters Here

Hispanic Anime Characters: When we hear the word “anime” we automatically conclude that it must have been made in Japan, but there are also other countries that create anime and also love watching them.People from other countries like China, South Korea, Spain and many other countries create anime. Hispanic refers to people belonging to Spanish Speaking culture or ancestors, hispanic anime does not have a separate meaning. Here is a list of Hispanic Anime Characters from the anime world.  

by Rishavanthey Kamalak | Updated Sep 15, 2021 10:52 AM

Hispanic Anime Characters: Check List of Famous Hispanic And Latino Anime Characters Here
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Hispanic Anime

Anime is quite popular among the hispanics. Spanish people love watching anime and dub almost every famous anime series from Japanese. Spanish being the fourth most spoken language in the world is also famous for dubbing the most viewed anime in Spanish for the locals. This is how Hispanic Characters in the anime world started to flourish. Many would have watched several anime but probably forget to realise that a certain character is a part Spanish. Given below is the list of those characters.

Hispanic Anime Characters

  • Sado Yasutora


Sado aka Chad from Bleach is a professional boxer, who participates in televised matches.Although born in Japan, his biological grandfather is a Mexican which makes him partly Mexican. As a child when he was with his grandfather, he was taught to suppress his aggressive side and start helping others. 

  • Monkey D Luffy 


Monkey D Luffy from the famous One Piece series might have been a Mexican. The story of One Piece is portrayed  as happening in a fantasy world but in an interview a what if question was raised regarding what origin would he belong to if the story was happening in a real world and the author said Luffy would be Brazilian making him a hispanic anime character.

  • Michiko Malandro


Michiko Malandro from Michiko and Hatchin is a Brazilian anime character. The story is said to be happening in a fantasized Brazilian country eventually making almost half of the characters as Brazilian - Hispanic anime characters.

  • Roberta


Roberta aka Rosarita Cisneros from Black Lagoon is an undercover maid from Columbia. She works for a wealthy Lovelace family. Roberta is a character who must be feared by the people of Thai City. She is a former assassin for FARC, a cuban militia. 

  • Nadie


Nadie from El Cazador de la Bruja is directly shown as a Mexican without any ancestry links. Her name Nadie means “nothing” in spanish. Nadie is a Mexican bounty hunter who is accused of committing a muder. 

Latino Anime Characters

  • Leo de la Iglesia


Leo from Yuri is a Mexican - American student. He is also one of the representatives of the US and full of originality. He is full of spirit and takes care of his own choreography. 

  • Juan Diaz


Juan Diaz from Captain Tsubasa is the captain for the Argentina football team. He was an arrogant character at first but then humbles himself. 

  • Io de Scylla


One of the very few characters from Chilean Heritage is Io Scylla From Saint Seiya. He was assigned the task of defending the Mammoth Pillar. He is very powerful and uses a variety of techniques to defeat his enemies. Io de Scylla can aslo mind control animals and fire up tornadoes.

  • Pedro Domingo



Pedro escaped from Columbia in order to work hard and save his son and wife. But unfortunately ended up in some tragic incidents. After escaping from all those incidents, he went again to visit his family only to know his wife had moved on with his neighbour. 

  •  Ricardo Martinez


Ricardio Martinez from Hajime no Ippo is one of the main antagonists of the plot. He is the current WBA featherweight champion. He is quite popular among the Mexicans, it is said that Mexicans might not even recognise their politician but would definitely recognise Ricardio. 

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Hispanic Anime Characters - FAQs

1. Who are the Hispanic Disney character    

Elena Avalor is the Disney’s first Latina princess

2. Who are the famous Latino, Hispanic celebrities    

There are many Latino, Hispanic celebrities in Hollywood, some of the notable ones are Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Lin-Manuel Miranda and many more

3. Is there a Puerto Rican Disney Princess    

Elena Avalor

4. Is Coco mexican or spanish    

Coco is a mexican - american film

5. Is Latino and Hispanic the same    

No. They are totally two different terms

6. What is the difference between Latino and Hispanic     

Hispanic refers to people with Spanish as their mother tongue or with Spanish descent. And Latino is referred to people from Latin America descent.