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Health, education, jobs to replace 'bijli, sadak, paani' as poll issues - Jaipur News

Jaipur, July 6 (IANS) Will COVID-19 divert the attention of politicians towards crumbling sectors of health, education and jobs from their once favourite issues of 'bijli, paani, sadak' which have been raised by them during elections held in India since years?

Updated Jul 06, 2020 09:57 AM

Health, education, jobs to replace 'bijli, sadak, paani' as poll issues - Jaipur News

Yes, say leading politicians from Congress and BJP in Rajasthan confirming that the trends have emerged showing a paradigm shift in their approach.

Even the government officials confirm that 'they can see the subtle change in politicians' working these days, no matter if he represents a ruling party or an opposition party of the state.

"The summers have gone off smoothly during COVID-19 era without any protest being staged on roads against water and power supply which surprises us. Also, none of the parties or leaders have come forward to stage any protest against poor roads which once used to be a regular ritual in the state," said a senior official working for the Rajasthan government since the last 25 years.

Speaking to IANS, he said, "We are wondering how the summers have passed off smoothly without witnessing any serious protests against water and power which had become symbolic for the water crisis in Rajasthan. Now it's clear that all these protests were politically motivated and showed a grim picture. This time, when most of the employees were packed within their houses during lockdown and were operating from home, we ensured that water supply remained smooth in each and every corner of the state like every year."

"However, this season sounded different because there is no unwanted stress on our team from politicians who wanted to garner political mileage by staging protests on roads leaving other urgent issues aside. We are glad that the health issue stands at priority which till date was the most ignored one," he added.

Even BJP state spokesperson Laxmikant Bharadwaj opined that issues have changed for the party in corona times. He said, "In coming times, the elections, it seems, shall be contested raising fresh issues of health, education and employment. The crumbling health sector is being discussed with each and every person in present circumstances since last few months. Further, the education sector is also being exposed as institutes are insisting parents to pay heavy fees even at a time when classes are suspended showing it in poor light. Thirdly, employment also has emerged as a core issue with the majority of people feeling insecure looking at unemployment figures soaring high and people losing jobs."

Congress state spokesperson Suresh Chowdhary also opined that health, education and jobs will become prior issues for political parties.

Earlier, the slogan was "Bijli paani de na sake , woh sarkar nikammi hai.' Now, the slogan shall be ‘Rozgar, Chikitsa, naukri de na sake woh sarkar nikammi hai."

Also it will change the trends for politicians. Those who were busy poking their noses in other matters will now first think of their own well-being, he added further.

Congress PCC vice-president Archana Sharma said that priorities and issues for everyone have changed in this COVID-19 era. "The crumbling health infrastructure of the entire world is right in front of us. So definitely, it shall be the biggest issue for everyone. We all would like our students to study smart in these tough times so next comes education and looking at unemployment data, jobs will also be on our priority list," she said.

So, coronavirus, it seems, is bringing something positive in these circumstances, said the government official, adding that it's good to see leaders diverting their attention from age-old and fabricated subjects which were made political issues during every poll.

Rajasthan will soon see gram panchayat, zila parishad and panchayat samiti polls as terms of 129 local bodies will end in August.

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