Gurugram Sadar Bazar to be 'vehicle-free zone'

Updated: Sep 23,2020 06:11 GMT

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Gurugram, Sep 23 (IANS) The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) are working on a plan to make Sadar Bazar, one of the most congested market places in the town, a 'no vehicle zone'.

It will also be made an encroachment-free area for the benefit of pedestrians, said Municipal Commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh.

According to MCG officials, the market, which usually remains clogged with haphazard parking and encroachment, would be all clear for pedestrians.

Also, a multilevel parking facility will be provided here for commuters.

There are hundreds of shops on both sides of the road between Sohna Chowk and the post office building at the Sadar Bazar and shopkeepers usually display and keep things out of their shops to attract customers. But this causes disturbance in traffic and inconvenience to the pedestrians.

Singh said, "The MCG team has video graphed the extent of encroachment by the shop owners. The shopkeepers will face a stiff penalty if the encroachment still persists."

"We have asked the shopkeepers and representatives of the trade association not to encroach the market road as it causes huge problems for commuters. Any encroachment in the market will not be tolerated by the MCG. The MCG team will visit the market area for a routine check and if the MCG officials find any irregularities on the part of the shop owners, their establishments will be sealed along with hefty fines," Singh added.

The MCG has also resumed work on the multilevel parking lots at Kaman Sarai for commuters who visit Sadar Bazar.

Located within a radius of a kilometre of each other, Sadar Bazaar and Kamani Sarai are among the city's most congested commercial and residential spaces. Despite housing more than 1,100 shops and inviting a daily footfall of more than 10,000 people, Sadar Bazar has no designated parking space.

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