Gujarat BJP HQ making changes to get ISO certificate

Updated July 27, 2020

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Gandhinagar, July 27 (IANS) After taking over as the new Gujarat BJP President, CR Patil has initiated the process to equip state party headquarters here with latest infrastructural and logistical facilities to get an ISO certificate for the building.

'Shri Kamalam' will thus become the first ISO-certified headquarters of any political party in the country.

Within 48 hours of taking over as BJP state chief, Patil sanctioned works for the transformation of the Gandhinagar building. Patil, who represents Navsari in the Lok Sabha, is the only parliamentarian in the country whose office in Navsari is ISO-certified.

According to BJP sources, the functioning of the party headquarters will now be carried out through a fixed protocol. Every party activity will be recorded and a database of such recordings prepared, which will be used to strengthen the party.

A public interest database will be prepared on the details of all visitors to the headquarters, whether he or she is a beneficiary of government schemes or not, and who are the party workers in contact with that visitor, and how the visitor can be provided help by the party etc.

The database will also include details like visitor's particular area, position of the party in that particular area, its strength, how it can be improved, how and what sort of works can be disbursed among party workers etc.

The ISO certification will be obtained on the basis of technology-based system, which will address all the details of this database.

The sources said the kitchen staff at 'Shri Kamalam' has also been told to include Surati dishes on the menu. These delicacies are very popular in Gujarat. Even disposable cups used at the HQ will now have Modi's image.

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