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Good Girls Season 4: Netflix Release Date and Time, Cast, Episode List

Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Release Date and Time - Good Girls Season 4 was highly anticipated amongst the Good Girls fans. These fans have been posting questions across social networking sites wanting to know more about the Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Release Date. Just scroll down through the article to get the answers to all the questions. 

by Sugandha Periasamy | Updated Apr 13, 2021 06:46 AM

Good Girls Season 4: Netflix Release Date and Time, Cast, Episode List

Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Release Date

Good Girls season 4 was released on 7th March 2021. Good Girls is an American comedy-drama that was streamed originally on NBC and later on Netflix the story follows the life of three Michigan mothers who are finding it extremely hard to make ends meet. The story takes an unexpected turn when these mothers decide to pull off a heist. The series then continues to tell what happens to these three mothers - did they successfully pull off the heist and what all they faced while conducting this heist.  

When Will Good Girls Season 4 Come To Netflix?

Three seasons of Good Girls are available on Netflix. Season 4 has just released and it has not come to Netflix. Fans are waiting for the arrival of Good Girls season 4 to Netflix. Usually, it will take some time for a series to come to Netflix. Thus Good Girls season 4 is expected to release on Netflix in late 2021 or early 2022.

Good Girls Season 4 - The Plot 

Most of the cast members of the previous season has remained in the same on season four as well. The main characters of this Good girls have done a great tremendous job and they are expected to be back in the latest season as well. The plot of the previous season showcases how the trio group begins their journey from money printing to new criminal enterprises ut then we also see how one of them explores that the sins from her past come back to her in a more haunting way. The latest season will have a plot with the same storyline but maybe with different concepts and twists. 

Good Girls Season 4 Trailer

Good Girls Season 4 Cast

Listed below are the cast members of the Good Girls Season 4

  • Christina Hendricks - Beth Boland

  • Retta - Ruby Hill

  • Mae Whitman - Annie Marks

  • Reno Wilson - Stan Hill

  • Manny Montana - Rio

  • Lydia Jewett - Sara Hill   

  • Mathew Lilliard - Dean Boland

  • Isiah Stannard - Sadie Marks 

Good Girls Season 4 Coming Out - Episode List

Episode Title  Release Date
1 One Night in Bangkok March 7, 2021
2 Big Kahuna March 14, 2021
3 Fall Guy March 21, 2021
4 Dave March 28, 2021
5 The Banker April 11, 2021
6 Grandma Loves Grisham April 18, 2021 (Expected)

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Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Release Date - FAQs

1. Will there be a season 4 of good girls?

Yes, there be a season 4 of Good girls.

2. When was the Good Girl season 4 coming out?

The good girl season 4 was released on 7th March 2021. 

3. Who are the major cast in Good Girls?

Listed below are some of the major characters that appeared in the Good Girls Tv series 

  • Christina Hendricks
  • Retta
  • Mae Whitman
  • Reno Wilson
  • Manny Montana
  • Lydia Jewett
  • Mathew Lilliard
4. What is the genre of Good Girls?

 Good Girls is a crime comedy-drama.

5. Where can I watch Good Girls season 4?

You can watch Good Girls season 4 on Amazon Prime Video and NBC.