Godfall Release Date - When Does Godfall Release? Know Godfall Release Date &Trailer!

Updated: Nov 19,2020 08:45 GMT

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Godfall Release Date

Godfall is a forthcoming online game which was published by Gearbox Publishing, and developed by Counter Play Games. This is the first game to get released in PS5. This game will be released only for PS 5 and on Microsoft Windows. This game will be released on November 12. Players will rush to get the PS consoles, so that they could play this game. But since there is a delay for the gaming consoles, we can expect that the gaming consoles will reach the United Kingdom on November 19. Godfall will be released on November 12 for some countries and on November 19 for other countries. Godfall will only get released for PS 5, and on Microsoft Windows, there is a slight chance that it may get released to Xbox X series. Let's hope that it would get released soon!

Is Godfall Cross-Platform?

Godfall is not cross-platform, it is getting released only for Play Station 5 players and the ones who are using Microsoft Windows. Godfall will not be available on any other platforms other than these 2. Godfall will get released only on Microsoft Windows and for Play Station 5 players. Godfall will be available for PC, but only for the ones who have Microsoft as their Operating System. If you don't have windows OS then, you will not be able to play it. 

Godfall Cinematic Trailer


Godfall Release Date - FAQ

1. When will be Godfall get released on UK?

November 19

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