Girlfriend Drama Cast And Crew, Who Are The Cast Of Girlfriend Chinese Drama?

Girlfriend Drama Cast And Crew is something that has topped the search recently. When an extra gets hired to act like she has a crush on a CEO, the pretend romance becomes all too real. Scroll the article given below to know Girlfriend Drama Cast And Crew. Also, do not forget to peep in for more information, like much more about the series and the cast.

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Girlfriend Drama Cast And Crew, Who Are The Cast Of Girlfriend Chinese Drama?
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Girlfriend (2020)

The fake romance becomes all too genuine when an extra is hired to appear to have feelings for a CEO. To assist the Huangmei Opera Troupe, Wen Xiao Nuan has been working hard to make ends meet. She takes an unusual acting assignment where she must appear to be in love with the attractive CEO Ye Fei Mo in order to make some extra cash. She later starts working as an actor for CEO Ye Fei Mo Anning. She develops her performing career there and meets her love.

Girlfriend Drama Cast And Crew

Lawrence Wong Ye Fei Mo
Xu Hao Wen Xiao Nuan
Wu Hao Ze Gu Yun Zhou
Bai Xin Yi Wang Jia Yi [Xiao Nuan's friend / Actress]
Tu Bing Han Hui [Fei Mo's ex-girlfriend]
Wang Ze Xuan Jiang Fang [Xiao Nuan's ex-boyfriend]
Li Ying Cheng An Ya [Fei Mo's mother]
Ni Han Jin Li Can
Fu Shu Yang Jiang Ling Ren
Wang Xiao Cheng Zhou Xiao Jing
Luo Zheng Mo Xiao Bai
Xin Ru Qiang Mai Qi
Zhang Hao Ran Wen Kai
Yan Jing Yao [Gu Yun Zhou's mother]
Chang Rui Zhao Di
Wang Xin Xiao Xu Zong
Lou Shu Yu Bai Xiu Wen
Zhu Ying Xiao Mei
Zhu Yue Linda
Wu Xing Jian Lin Zheng

Cast Of Girlfriend

1) Lawrence Wong As Ye Fei Mo

A Malaysian-born Singaporean actor and singer named Lawrence Wong Guan Yi were raised in Singapore. He was a part of a male group when he was 19 years old, and the group was going to release an album in Japan, but it was never done since the business spent money on a different female singer. He presently has numerous tracks available, including two albums. He was cast in several episodes after being contracted by Mediacorp. After that, he portrayed a rebellious kid in the Channel U film The Promise, which earned him a nomination for "Favorite Male Character" at the 2010 Star Awards. He joined a Chinese management company in 2016. His television debut came from the 2018 program Story of Yanxi Palace.

2) Xu Hao  As  Wen Xiao Nuan

Actress Xu Hao popularly referred to as Kitty, is from China. 30.10.95 is a good day for Xu. Chinese mainland actress born in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, who completed a department of undergraduate studies at the Beijing Film Academy. From an early age, Xu Hao was set on following a career in performing. At 12, she pushed away from her family and birthplace, Yancheng, to pursue her artistic aspiration. She traveled by herself to study in Beijing. She underwent intensive professional instruction in vocal music, performance, and dance during her six years of studies in Beijing. 2013 saw Xu Hao accepted into the Communication University of China, the Central Academy of Drama, and the Beijing Film Academy.

3) Wu Hao Ze  As  Gu Yun Zhou

Wu Haoze, also known as Wu Bo, is a Chinese actor born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, and holds a bachelor's degree in performance from the Central Academy of Drama. When he took part in his debut TV series, "Armor Warrior Xing Tian," published in 2011, he formally entered the entertainment profession in 2010.



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Girlfriend Drama Cast And Crew - FAQs

1. How many episodes are in Chinese girlfriend drama?

There are 28 episodes.

2. Who is the actor of girlfriend?

Girlfriends is a dramedy about close friends that ran from 2000 to 2008. The show starred Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, and Jill Marie Jones as a group of guessed it, girlfriends.

3. How many episodes are there in you are so sweet?  

You Are So Sweet Episode 24.

4. What is girlfriend drama about?

Girlfriend is a 2020 Chinese drama about an actress who is paid to be a CEO's pretend girlfriend for the return of a star actress.

5. What is the story of girlfriend Chinese drama?

Wen Xiao Nuan is your righteous girl who initially rejects Mom's offer but because of family issues, she needs money. She accepts Mom's request to make Ye Fei Mo fall in love her, or at least find a way to the gala as his girlfriend. And so she shows up as a nurse to care for the supposedly sick Ye Fei Mo.

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