Girl was crying riddle - Find the solution and explanation here.

Updated: Sep 05,2020 10:28 GMT

social social social social Girl was crying riddle - Find the solution and explanation here.


Girl was crying riddle - Girl was crying riddle is currently gaining popularity in various social networking platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram. Check out the Girl was crying riddle and the logical explanation in the article below and challenge your friends and family.


Why should one solve Girl was crying riddle?

During this lockdown a lot of people are giving time to their hobbies like reading, cooking, playing indoor games, etc, taking care of oneself through regular skincare and fitness while others are simply watching new movies and web series. In the current coronavirus pandemic situation around the world, people are interacting with friends and family via social media, text messages, video calls, etc. Besides sharing updates related to the coronavirus, several people are challenging their friends and loved ones as far as the WhatsApp puzzles and riddles are concerned. Read on to know more about the viral riddle that has been circulating for a while now. The riddle is also known as 'There once was a river riddle'. Check out the logical explanation of this viral riddle.  Check and Challenge your friends and family with the Girl was crying riddle.

What is Girl was crying riddle?

Have a look at the riddle!

“A Girl was crying because her boyfriend left her. She broke a bottle and a chair. What broke first?”

What is the answer for Girl was crying riddle?

Hope you got it! If not here you go with the answer. It is the girl's heart that gets broken firstly due to the breakup with her boyfriend.


As a result of the breakup with her boyfriend, the girl becomes shattered and its her heart that is broke firstly. And it is a result of that emotional breakup, she ends up breaking the physical entities like bottle, chair.

Girl was crying riddle- FAQ

1. How do you make a strawberry shake?

It is common to go for tricky procedures to make a strawberry shake. But its pretty simple to tell a strawberry as scary story to make it shake in fear.

2. If a dog is tied to a piece of rope that is 6m long, how can he reach a bone that is 7m away?  

A dog can still get a bone that is 7m away from it when it is tied to a rope that is 6m. This can happen only when the other end of the rope is left untied

3. I look at you, you look at me, I raise my right, you raise your left. What am I?  

It is one's reflection in the mirror that looks at oneself when one looks at the mirror. When we rais the right hand, we could see the mirror reflection doing it on the opposite side and vice versa.

4. If there are fifteen crows on a fence and the farmer shoots a third of them, how many crows are left?

There are no crows left on the fence after the shoot. It is illogical to think that crows will still remain on the fence even after hearing the sound of a gun shoot.

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