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Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode: What Time Does Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Come Out?

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode - No wonder Ghost of Tsushima game has many fans around the world because of teh concept and everything else that is present in the game. But one needs to check on the Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode when it is about the multiplayer mode that is there online itself. Are you keen on knowing about the Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode? Let us check out the Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode in the artcle so that we have a better idea before playing the game.

by Shalini | Updated Oct 20, 2020 15:38 PM

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode: What Time Does Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Come Out?

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode

There is a reason why this game stays interesting because it does have multiplayer mode but with that, it also has a great concept and storyline when you are in the game that makes pretty much amazing. Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode is one such multiplayer mode where you have choices of two players or four players and this is an important part because you will be with those players for a while.  Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode introduces the multiplayer mode by introducing a storyline that relates to the supernatural side of the Japanese Mythology, where the stories are narrated by the storyteller named as Gyozen, the storyteller. 

In the Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode, one does not actually play as Jin but rather you are one of those legendary ghost or among the mythical ghost that is already present in the game's fictional history. The characters that are there in the Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode comes as Classes- Ronin, Assassin, Hunter and Samurai, where each of them has their own special skill sets and special attacks. The only thing here that you can;t change is the Class and therefore one needs to choose wisely because you cannot change it later. Yes, you can always have the option of unlicking the four classes but once you progress through the game. Apart from this, few important things to note are-

  • Start with two-player story mode to gear up and level up quickly; 15-round Survival missions take a while and are brutal with starter gear.

  • Keep an eye on Daily challenges; you get rewarded with in-game currency used to buy technique points and re-roll your gear perks.

  • Be sure to keep some gear in reserve and feel free to change it up if you’re finding a particular story mission too tough for your current build. Even the same Class can benefit from some different gear perks.

These are some important things to remember when you go for the Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode.

What time does Ghost Of Tsushima Legends come out?

There is a specific timing that is present when it comes to the game. Everyone loves to play the gamebut for now, one has to know about the timings, so that they have a better idea about when to play. The start time of Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode is going to start 8am pacific time (4pm BST) and worldwide by 9am pacific time (5pm BST).

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Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Mode - FAQ

1. How many hours is Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima is about twenty five hours long with lot of focus.