Genshin Impact Xinyan Build - Genshin Impac Builds, Xinyan Support Build, Release Date, Gameplay, and More

by Shalini | Updated December 05, 2020

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Genshin Impact Xinyan Build- What is the genshin impact xinyan build? How to get xinyan genshin build? Xinyan is a DPS, Pyro, Claymore fighter, making her a Diluc with worse stats. It is part-time of the limited time gentry of the heritage banner. It is a four-star character along with Razor and Chongyun. Zhongli is the headline of the banner. She is not an ideal choice in any team, but she fills a considerable gap in the roster. To know more about genshin impact xinyan build, scroll down.

Xinyan Build Genshin Impact

What is the genshin impact builds? What is the xinyan support build? Xinyan is a DPS fighter and is not as malleable as others. She does not suit any support role. Her suggested builds are split by rarity but not type. It is quite obvious that 5-star weapons are better than 4-star, but xinyan is being pitched as Diluc-lite, which is likely that many people with her are quite closer to the free-to-play type than whales. 

Xinyan Best Build

The best build for xinyan would be the DPS build. Xinyan has so many options which can work well with her, it can be the weapons or the artifacts. Many players have voted that the DPS route is the best way to go with Xinyan. It requires the use of a wolf's gravestone or unforged. It will make Xinyan's kit similar to Diluc’s as a DPS main. As long as the shield is up, the unforged increases the attack stat by 100%.

Genshin Impact Xinyan Release Date

The zhongli is the new banner character in the genshin impact. But, Xinyan is a new additional character for players, with which they can pull through the game’s wish system. Xinyan arrived on 2nd December, 2020. 

Genshin Impact Xinyan Gameplay

The Elemental Skill of Xinyan creates a Pyro Shield enveloping her body after the attack has come to an end. this skill allows her to attack and defend simultaneously, which can be best suitable in both offensive and defensive situations. this shield will carry over while switching characters. the elemental burst of xinyan is a bad pyro blast, which torches the area around and leaves no survivors. it covers a wide range in a single attack. it also allows her to handle all mobs in the vicinity. 

Xinyan Genshin Impact Weapon

The weapon options, ideal for xinyan in genshin impact are given below. 

  • The Unforged- 5 Star
  • Prototype Animus- 4 Star
  • Wolf’s Gravestone
  • Debate Club

Xinyan Genshin Impact Talents

The talent materials of xinyan in genshin impact are given below. 

  • Talent Level-Up- Teachings, Guide, Philosophies of Gold
  • Common Ascension- Treasure Hoarder, Silver Raven, Golden Raven Insignia
  • Weekly- Tusk of Monoceros Caeli

Genshin Impact Xinyan Build - FAQ

1. When was Xinyan in Genshin impact released? 

In Genshin Impact, Xinyan arrived on 2 December 2020.

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