Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure - How To Find The Nameless Treasure In The Game?

Updated: Oct 15,2020 13:10 GMT

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Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure - Genshin Impact has been released on all the platforms and the fans of this game are pretty much excited to kow more about the game. Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure stays ahead of all the excitement because that is what actually excites the players when it is about the Genshin Impact game. Want to know more about the Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure? In this article, we will help ou to get some information on the Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure.

How to find the Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure?

When it comes to the game, we alreay know what this game is all about. You will find plenty of secret treasures and hidden items that are present in the game. Genshin Impact game is one such game that is played with a very competitive spirit because the levels and the challenges in the game are so amazing that any individual who plays the game will enjoy the game no matter what. Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure is one of the interesting part in the game because in this, the treasure comes in different locations where the player needs to find the three nameless items that are hidden in the locations. 

Below mentioned are the details about the Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure locations.

Dunyu Ruins 

The very first Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure is present in the Dunyu Ruins that is situated underwater. One has to drain the water to get that one nameless item and for it, you need to light four torches around the ruins. After that, you need to fond the three spirirts and get their way to three locations by going to the pool which will lead you to the nameless treasure.

Lingju Pass

Lingju Pass is the next location where you need to defeat the enemies and on the other side save NPC. Once the NPC is freed, she will help you with the next location that is there under the Giant Gold tree and there you have your other nameless treasure.

Qingxu Pool 

The final location of Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure is Qingxu Pool where the player has to talk to a stone tablet that reveals total five different locations of the seals that have to be broken and then the chest will appear.  With this, you will have all the three nameless items that will help you proceed further in the game.

Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure - FAQ

1. Can I play Genshin impact in my Samsung A51 6gb ram and 128 internal storage?

Yes, definitely one can play Genshin impact in the Samsung A51 6gb ram and 128 internal storage phone.

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