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Genshin Impact Daily Reset Time - Genshin Impact, What Is The Daily Reset Time Of Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Daily Reset Time: Being an entirely-online game, Genshin Impact always has you connected to servers when you have logged in. It's not quite a fully-fledged MMO, but lots of things are determined by the real-time date and time including certain bonuses and freebies like the daily login bonus and the bonus points that the players will get on their birthday. Now, you might want to know when exactly the server daily reset time in Genshin Impact? when the server reset is in your region. Here’s everything you want to know about Genshin Impact Daily Reset Time.  

by Shalini | Updated Oct 17, 2020 13:22 PM

Genshin Impact Daily Reset Time - Genshin Impact, What Is The Daily Reset Time Of Genshin Impact?

What Is The Daily Reset Time Of Genshin Impact?

The server reset time is important because things like resin, shop inventory and even some quests, like the commission daily quests, are impacted by the in-game calendar, as you can only undertake a certain number of actions like this per day to stop you from blasting through all of Genshin Impact too quickly. The server reset time vary depending on the server you join. 

Genshin Impact has three different servers 

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia and each has a different local daily reset time. 

When The Server Reset Is In Your Region?

The Genshin Impact Daily Resets every day at 4 am, according to server time. The exact timing will definitely vary depending on the server, and time zone. Which means that it is not necessarily 4 am for your region. The 4 am time calculation is from the real clock and not the game timing. Each game server runs on a different clock, which means each has a different reset time. So you need to pick the server you're playing on, and then see how that server's reset time fits for you. If you're playing on a server in a significantly different location to your physical location, keep in mind that some reset times might be on the previous day which means, for instance, you'll get mail from the future, dated for tomorrow. The three servers reset times are specifically

Genshin Impact Daily Reset Time, Server Reset Time For Each Region

Reset timing according to North America

  • Eastern US Time: 5 am

  • Pacific US Time: 2 am

  • UK Time (GMT/BST): 10 am

  • Australian Time: 8 pm

  • New Zealand Time: 10 pm

Reset timing according to Europe,

  • Central European Time: 4am CEST

  • GMT/BST (UK): 3am UK Time

  • Australian Time: 1 pm 

  • New Zealand Time: 3 pm

  • Eastern US: 10 pm Previous Day

  • Pacific US: 7 pm Previous Day

Reset timing according to Asia,

  • Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines: 4 am local time

  • Japan: 5 am Local Time

  • Australia: 7 am

  • New Zealand: 9 am

  • Central European Time: 10 pm previous day

  • UK Time: 9 pm previous day

  • US Eastern: 4 pm previous day

  • US Pacific: 1 pm previous day

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Genshin Impact Daily Reset Time - FAQ 

1. How do I reset my Aternos server?

If you meant to DELETE the server and THEN make a new one, then you can delete your Aternos account; it is simple: Go to Aternos. Click 'Play' on the bottom right. Click on 'Accounts' on the top right corner. Delete your account. D! Then make a new account with the same e‑mail.