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Updated: Sep 11,2020 15:06 GMT

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Gemini Tv Schedule Today - Check Gemini Tv Schedule Today. Gemini TV was launched on 9th February 1995 by the Sun Network. It is an Indian Pay Television channel. Check Gemini TV Schedule today movies list and Gemini Movies TV Schedule today. If you are interested to know more about Gemini Tv Schedule Today Read the full article given below.


Gemini TV Schedule Today

The full schedule of gemini tv schedule today is listed below:
Gemini Kotha Paatalu : 6:00 AM
This show is basically a collection of melodious songs recorded by talented singers, artists and musicians for Popular Telugu movies.

Sri Karunamayi Devi Vaibhavam : 6:30 AM
 Episode: 915. The show is a comprehensive compilation of devotional hymns and songs in praise of GoddessDurga sung by various renowned artists.

Anugraham : 7:00 AM
Episode: 1151. In this show Astrologer Laxmikant Sharma of Sri Maruthi Jyothishyalayam offers advice regarding various issues where he also interacts with callers and provides them with solutions.

Naagin 4 (2019) : 7:30 AM
The show is about Naynatara, the daughter of a shape-shifting snake who wants to take revenge against those who hurt her parents.

Jai Hanuman : 8:00 AM
Episode: 10. The show is about some of the best Hindu devotional songs which pay tribute to Lord Hanuman.

Kalavathi (2016) : 8:30 AM
In this show Murali and his fiancee, Anitha, experience unnatural incidents in his palatial house.

Bandham (1996) : 12:00 PM
Episode: 527. The show is about Devaki who gets separated from her husband Vsau and her new-born child due to her evil father.

Thaali : 12:30 PM
Episode: 107. In this show there is a girl from a rural village who dreams of becoming an IAS officer moves to the city for higher education and gets married to the love of her life.

Bangaru Kodalu : 1:00 PM
Episode: 86. In this show, Pavithra who loves Venkat comes to Hyderabad at the behest of her aunt.

Chi.La.Sow.Sravanthi : 1:30 PM
Episode: 60. This show is about Sarvanthi, a middle-class girl who dreams about marrying a man who will always stand by her and support her.

Matti Gajulu : 2:00 PM
Episode: 278. In this show Vijayendra Prasad and Malliswari are happily married and they are wealthy too due to which Vijayendra Prasad’s sister conspired to kill Malliswari and her daughter.

Brundavanam (2010) : 2:30 PM
Episode: 60. The show is about a young  woman who grows up in an orphanage after losing her parents to an incident, goes through several ups and downs.

Nuvvu Nenu (2001) : 3:00 PM
This movie is about a boy Ravi who belongs to a rich family, loves Vundhara, the daughter of a milk supplier.

Rendu Rellu Aaru (2017) : 6:00 PM
Episode: 438.  In this show a young man, who is extremely attached to his mother, decides to honour her wishes and gets married to a girl she approves of.

Akka Mogudu : 6:30 PM
Episode: 556. In this show two sisters spend time together and help each other in various situations dealing with relationships, rivalries and jealousy.

Amma Kosam : 7:00 PM
Episode: 15. This show is about Akshaya, a determined young lady, who sets an example for women all around as she fearlessly fights for her mother’s rights in a patriarchal society.

Pinni 2 : 7:30 PM
This show is about Saradha who marries her sister’s husband when her sister elopes leaving him and his two children.

Pournami (2006) : 8:00 PM
Episode: 437. This show is about a determined girl who fights against a custom in her village.

BhagyaRekha (1957) : 8:30 PM
Episode: 276. In this show there is one girl who grows up in poverty despite being the legal inheritor of a wealthy and aristocratic family.

Girija Kalyanam : 9:00 PM
Episode: 11. The show is about a girl Girija who is excited and looking forward
to spend her life with her husband.

Naagin 4 (2019): Repeat Telecast at 9:30 PM

Bommarillu (2006) : 10:00 PM
Episode: 55. In this show a young girl Gayathri marries a wrong person and causes problems for herself along with her family.

Ottesi Cheputunna : 10:30 PM
In this show Surya who was orphaned as a kid, believes that he is unlucky.



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Gemini Tv Schedule Today - FAQ

1. What is the time for NAAGIN 4?

Naagin 4 show is from 7:30 AM (mon-fri) and also repeated at 9:00 PM.

2. Who is the owner of Gemini TV?

The owner of Gemini TV is SUN Group.

3. What serials are telecasted on Gemini TV today?

Two serials Bandham and Rendu Rellu Aaru are telecasted today on Gemini TV.

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