French Frogs take third place in Online Shooting League

Updated July 25, 2020

social social social social French Frogs take third place in Online Shooting League


Kolkata, July 25 (IANS) The French Frogs, comprising World No 27 Etienne Germond, Jade Bordet and Nicolas Mompach, beat Spanish Chanos 10-2 in the Online Shooting League on Saturday.

The French took a massive lead with straight 9 points but the Spanish Chanos, which included Mireia Rossello, Sofia Sanz Del Pino and Juan Cecilia, were in no mood to let the French finish with 10-0.

The Spanish claimed two points in the 10th and 12th rounds while the 11th was a draw with both teams registering an identical 31.0.

The French finally claimed their 10th point in the 13th round.

World No. 27 Germond was the shooter of the day with a total score of 136.2.

The final will be held on Sunday between Austrian Rocks and Italian Style.

The inaugural edition has only rifle shooters taking part in the event from July 4-26 where they have been shooting on electronic targets from their homes. Every team consists of 3 rifle shooters. The format that is being used is "Race to 10" in which shooters of the two teams will take a shot each. The team with the higher total of 3 shots takes the point and whichever team reaches 10 points first wins that match.

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