Fortnite Witch Broom location- Best locations to find the Witch Broom in Fortnitmares

Updated: Oct 25,2020 06:59 GMT

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Fortnite Witch Broom location- Follow these steps to find the Fortnite Witch Broom Locations. Wanna know how to find the Fortnite Witch Broom Location? Hop on, and we'll let you know where to find the Fortnite Witch Broom Location. Scroll down to know how to find the Fortnite Witch Broom Location.

Where to find Fortnite Witch Broom location?

As we all know, Fortnite is celebrating its annual Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event that introduces fans to a range of special challenges. The Fortnitemares challenges are live on all platforms and allow gamers to earn plenty of exciting rewards. At the same time, there are many unique challenges available with the latest event; one of the first challenges requires players to grab one of the Witch Brooms in Fortnite and travel 100 meters. The Witch Broom Challenge sounds interesting, right?  Well for some, it is hard to find those locations by themselves, that's why we have compiled some of the information about how to get to the desired location. And this is because there aren't many Fortnite Broom locations on the map. And at the same time, be cautious! Many players will rush to the location to get the broom for themselves. So don't forget to hurry and pick up your witch broom.

Where are the witch brooms located at?

In Fortnite, head on to the Northwest of Lazy Lake which will be close to the gas station. We have given a detailed image on where you should land on the map to find the broom. You can easily find these broomsticks inside the wooden barrels found in the area. All you need to do is grab the item and put in in your inventory. Once in your inventory, it can be easily enabled. If you have trouble finding it, then you can try finding the broom in another location, which is the salty springs.

Some of the locations to get the Fortnitemares Witch Broom

We have compiled a set of locations for you to go and find the Fortnitemares Witch Broom. Here are some of them. Enjoy!

  • Near Northwest- Lazy Lake
  • Northwest- Salty Springs.
  • Hag's Hollow area.

These are some of the locations, where you can find the Fortnitemares Witch broom. Hurry up and get your Witch broom now!

How to use Fortnitemare Witch Broom?

There are two witch brooms which will be available outside the house on the hill. Smash the barrels and pick up the broomstick. There is often a rush to grab witch brooms at the start of matches, so players are wise to travel there quickly before all the vehicles are taken. To use the Witch Broom, you have to select it in your inventory as you would select other Fortnite items. Then you will be able to steer the broom as it thrust you across the map and eventually will lose altitude of its own violation. Travelling at least 100 m will clear the challenge.


Fortnite Witch Broom location- FAQ

1. Where to find the Witch  Broom?

You can find the Witch broom at Salty Springs.

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