Fortnite Server Status, Epic Games Fortnite server offline, What is the present status of Fortnite?

Updated: Sep 16,2020 13:21 GMT

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Fortnite Server Status - Fortnite Server status was showing offline as the next Fortnite update 14.10  was released by the developer's Epic Games. What is Fortnite Epic Games server status now and has it revived back, what are new features and Fortnight updates. If you seek answers for all these questions, please do read this article below which will give you all the information about the Fortnite Server Status and new updates of Epic games Fortnite Game.



Fortnite Server Status

The Epic Games  Fortnite servers went offline on Thursday, September 10, 2020, on all the platforms  PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch and Mobile. The Epic Games Fortnite servers went offline due to the release of a new Fortnite Chapter 2 season update 14.10 by its developers Epic Games. The developers had announced that for the sake of updations, the servers will be down for maintenance. The servers went offline at least for an hour and the gamers was not able to play the game on any of the  platforms PS4, Xbox one, PC, Nintendo switch and Android. The screens appeared with a message from Epic Games  as follows:

“"Facilitate the action. v14.10 arrives tomorrow, September 10. Downtime will begin at 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC). Please note that the patch size will be larger than normal on PC."

The new fortnite Chapter 2 Season update 14.10  by Epic games will include a number of bug fixes, tweaks and game improvisations for the gamers to enjoy the game with more thrill and excitement. The update is expected to fix multiple issues which the gamers have been facing till recently and at the same introducing new features into the game.  The developers however have warned that with the introduction of the new update, the game size may increase and the gamers need to accordingly update their devices.

The server downtime was expected to be  around two to three hours and the issue to be resolved as early as possible. Most of the fortnite updates were done within a short period of time, but this time the new Fortnite Chapter 2 season update 14.10  took a little bit more of time. The developers Epic Games assured of giving more updates and announcements through social media channels till the issue was solved.


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Fortnite Server Status - FAQ

1. Who are the developers of the Fortnite Game?      

Epic Games are the developers of the Fortnite Game.

2. For how many hours did the Developers Epic Games expect the servers to go down for the new fortnite update?  

The developers Epic Games  expected at least two to three hours server downtime for the update


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