Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection: Fix Ffxiv Act Unable To Access Network Data

Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection: The users are facing the issues of ACT not working on Final Fantasy XIV. They are searching for  Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection issue and the fix for it. If you want to know Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection, Read the content below.

by T Santhosh Kumar | Updated Jan 13, 2023

Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection: Fix Ffxiv Act Unable To Access Network Data
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Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection

Users are unable to attempt to install ACT, and they've run into a bit of a roadblock. However, they received a message of  "unable to connect to remote server." However, many users were facing the issues and mentioned their problems on Reddit. When they go to the ffxiv plugin settings and click on test game connection and shows a  message: "Failed cannot find running FFXIV game." Read below the article to learn more about the Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection. 

Fix Ffxiv Act Unable To Access Network Data

The users mentioned that Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) for parsing MMO combat data,  glasswire will not read any more network data. It just stocks and shows stuck “Loading network data .”Even if they restart the glasswire monitoring process, they are giving suggestions for the ACT reads network data connection issue. Like one user mentioned that Run the app as admin and tried to Unblock the app for Firewall access.He added that he even made outbound and inbound exception rules in the advanced Firewall settings. However, the exact solutions for the issue are not found, and we will update you later. 

Users' Opinion About The Fix Ffxiv Act

Even some users suggest that they tried to run on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. They added that they had trouble with it in win 10. One added that  I had run it with admin for like a year since I got tired of checking which way it works. Still, for those who do use a parser and want the overlay active, you might try one of the ACT plugins like RainbowMage's (not sure if it's working in the latest patch since I don't use it. All I know is the UI overlay element actually looks like it belongs in FFXIV). They met with either the "unable to connect to remote server" message or a perpetually loading bar. One user added that I don't know how to get the app to communicate with the ACT website beyond the steps I took above. However, the exact solutions for the issue are not found, and we will update you later. 

Final Fantasy XIV Game Info

Final Fantasy XIV is actually a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which is known as MMORPG. This game was developed and published by Square Enix. FFXIV was directed and produced by Naoki Yoshida. The game was released in August 2013 worldwide for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. Final Fantasy XIV actually takes place in the fictional land of Eorzea, which is five years after the events of the original 2010 release. The players time travel for five years into the future through God’s blessing.


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Ffxiv Act Plugin Game Connection - FAQ

1. Is Final Fantasy 14 still free?

Final Fantasy XIV trial lets you play the game for free.

2. Is Final Fantasy 14 free again?

Now, anyone with a PC, PS4, or PS5 can once again experience the base game and Heavensward expansion for free.

3. Does the FF14 free trial expire?

The Starter Edition comes with a free 30-day trial of the full experience, but the free trial itself has no such restriction.

4. Is Final Fantasy 14 a big game?

Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game, and it's only gotten bigger over the years.


5. Is Final Fantasy 14 selling again?

After six long weeks, Final Fantasy XIV is back on sale.

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