Farmers' agitation: Deserted roads turn play ground for children

Updated December 13, 2020

social social social social Farmers' agitation: Deserted roads turn play ground for children


New Delhi, Dec 13 (IANS) Farmers from various states including Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh continue to sit at the Delhi borders in protest against the three agricultural laws. The agitation is going to enter its third week that has also crippled the traffic situation in the National Capital Region.

Along with other borders, the farmers are also sitting at the Ghazipur border which is causing inconvenience for the people. But amid all these, something that attracts the eyeballs, is running, shouting, and laughter of children from the nearby areas.

Actually, the empty roads have turned into free playgrounds for them. The National Highway 24 is closed from one side due to the demonstration at the Ghazipur border. So on the same highway, the adjacent National Highway 9 has also been closed. Here, the children of local areas are racing on bicycles and playing Gilli Danda as well.

These children come here in the morning and start playing, whenever they feel tired they take rest and also enjoy food in the 'langer' or community kitchen being run for the protesters.

Racing on bicycles, playing cricket and running after gilli', these are common sights during the day here. But children being children, they also argue and fight with their friends.

12-year-old Aman is a resident of Khoda Colony in Ghaziabad, and he comes here daily to play. "Earlier we used to ride bicycles in our streets, but currently we are cycling here as roads are empty. It is a good experience to be here," Aman told IANS.

Tractors, 4 wheelers and motor bikes standing on the Ghazipur border have also become a new way of play for these children. Local children now also play hide and seek every day. However, sometimes farmers also scold these children. But after some time the same game starts again.

Right now it will be difficult to say how long these children will enjoy these empty routes. But the government is constantly calling on the farmers to open all the closed major routes. But the farmers are demonstrating against the agricultural laws on these roads only.

The farmers have made it clear that till the government withdraws these laws, they will not move away from these roads.

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