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Fallout 76 Update 23: How to Update Fallout 76 Patch notes 1.45? Check Update 23 Fallout 76 October

Fallout 76 Update 23: Fallout 76 Update 23 came out on October 13, 2020 and Fall out 76 update 23 which is update version was something the community was eagerly awaiting. This major update brings in an array of bug fixes which has made the game more efficient. Here is everything that you need to know about Fallout 76 update 23 and 1.45 Patch notes.

by Suganya | Updated Oct 15, 2020 05:37 AM

Fallout 76 Update 23: How to Update Fallout 76 Patch notes 1.45? Check Update 23 Fallout 76 October

Fallout 76 Update 23

Fallout 76, which was released nearly two years ago, is finally in much better shape than before. With several bugs fixes Fallout 76 update 1.45 is preparing the ground for the game’s Steel Dawn update which is expected to release later this year. The update is live on all platforms with varying file sizes.

Update Version

  • Bethesda Launcher: 1.7 GB

  • Microsoft Store: 8 GB

  • PC (Steam): 2.2 GB

  • PS4: 7.7GB

  • Xbox: 8.1GB

Here are all the changes incorporated in the game as per Fallout 76 Update 23 Patch Notes

Here are some of the significant updates according to Update 23 Patch Notes

Performance and Stability

  • Client Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to crash.

  • Loading: Joining a Daily Op from the location where it takes place and then attempting to exit now correctly removes the player from that Daily Op.

  • Performance: Implemented a fix to help mitigate hitching that can occur while cycling through items in crafting menus.

  • Server Stability: Addressed several issues that could cause a server to crash during normal gameplay.

  • Server Stability: Fixed a server crash that could occur during combat.

User Interface

  • Buttons: Addressed issues that could result from the Scoreboard and Operation Report being mapped to the same button when completing a Challenge and a Daily Op at the same time.

  • Challenges: Added a Perk Coin icon next to the reward for the “Become Legendary” Challenge in the Challenges Menu.

  • Daily Ops: Added XP and in-game currency rewards to the rewards list that appears in the Operation Report at the end of a Daily Op.

  • Daily Ops: Adjusted the wording on the Operation Report when players have already earned tiered rewards for that day to “No more rare reward rolls available” instead of “None.”

  • Daily Ops: Addressed an issue that could cause the progress bar to stop updating when capturing an Uplink during “Daily Ops: Uplink.”

  • Inventory: Fixed an inventory item transfer issue that could occur after switching to Adventure Mode from Nuclear Winter.

  • Map: Exiting a world while the Daily Ops Operation Report is on screen no longer prevents opening the Map after joining a new world.

  • Map: Addressed an issue in which the World Activity tracker would open automatically when viewing the Map, even when no World Activity notifications were present.

  • Perk Cards: Equipped Perk Cards no longer visually overlap non-equipped Perk Cards when nine or more are assigned to the same S.P.E.C.I.A.L. category.

  • Pip-Boy: When joining an event, its objectives now appear and track correctly, and they are no longer automatically set as inactive in the Pip-Boy.

  • Public Teams: The icon for the “Daily Ops” Public Team type has received updated art that’s more specific to Daily Ops.

  • Scoreboard: The player’s current Atom balance now updates immediately on the Season Scoreboard when claiming a rank-up reward that grants Atoms.

Earlier in September, Update 22 went live which significantly improved Appalachia and flagged off Fallout 76’s second season. So as a follow-up Fallout 76 Update 23 has done a pretty good job and the community is happy with it.

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Fallout 76 Update 23 - FAQ's

1. When is Steel Dawn Update releasing?

Originally intended to release in Fall, the Steel Dawn update has been combined with Fractured Steel questline and will release later this year.

2. Is Fallout 76 Update 23 live on all platforms?

Yes, Fallout 76 update 23 is available for download on all platforms but in varying file sizes.