F1nn5ter Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Real Name, Gender

f1nn5ter net worth, wiki, age, height, real name, gender - Youtube has become a diverse platform to showcase your talents and yourself, and one can become an influencer to a larger audience worldwide. The right use of the medium can get you places. One such youtube star is f1nn5ter. Read to know more about f1nn5ter net worth, wiki, age, height, real name, gender.  

by Mahima B | Updated Oct 19, 2021

F1nn5ter Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Real Name, Gender
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F1nn5ter Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Real Name, Gender

Youtube has become a famous platform for you to exhibit your talents to a larger group audience. There are no restrictions on who should start a channel on youtube. Right from famous celebrities to the normal public use this to show their daily life, and bond with their followers.  There are different types of YouTubers, fashion influencers, pranksters, cooks, and even pro gamers. Gamers use their channels to live stream the match and give a commentary of the game. There are popular gamers like f1nn5ter who rose to fame by playing games online.

F1nn5ter Real Name

The real name of F1nn5ter is Jude. He also has another name, Finn. To secure his privacy he came up with the name ‘F1nn5ter’ for his youtube channel. ‘Rose’ is the name of his e-girl image.  

F1nn5ter Wiki

Finn rose to fame by playing the game Minecraft. Yes, you heard it right. There are several other YouTubers who do the same but what made him different? He dressed as an e-girl and uploaded a lot of videos. His video  "I Became an E-Girl in Minecraft... (bad idea)" has more than one million views. He owns two youtube channels Finn, F1nn5terLIVE, a channel in Twitch, and also a part of iDots, a gaming channel. Finn opened his first channel in 2015 to post videos regarding Minecraft. In his other channels, he trolls people by dressing up as an e-girl.

F1nn5ter Age

Finn was born on April 21, 2000, in the United Kingdom. He has a younger sister called Ruby. 

F1nn5ter Net Worth

There is no official confirmation yet but it is estimated to be 1.5 million. He has gained a separate fanbase for his fun and entertaining videos.

F1nn5ter Gender

Jude was a born male, but he likes to dress up as a woman. Finn first dressed as a woman when he lost a bet with his friend. After knowing how popular the video has reached, he decided to continue. He has confirmed to one of his fans that he is a cis male crossdresser. 

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F1nn5ter Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Real Name, Gender - FAQs

1. What is f1nn5ter’s original name?

His original name is Jude

2. What is his net worth?

His net worth is around 1.5 million

3. When  is f1nn5ter’s birthday?

He was born on April 21, 2000

4. What is f1nn5ter’s nationality?

He is a British born in England, United Kingdom.

5. Is f1nn5ter a girl or a boy?

He is a male and is a cis male crossdresser.

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