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Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime, How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004?

Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime is the most frustrating one among all the issues faced by the user. And the Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime is the most common issue that occurs in this platform. In this article we will see all the methods to solve the Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime. So read the article completely to solve the Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime.

by Darryl Franklin P | Updated Nov 23, 2021 08:52 AM

Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime, How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004?
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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video, or simply Prime Video, is an Amazon.com, Inc. subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming and rental service available as a stand-alone service or as part of Amazon's Prime membership. The service primarily distributes Amazon Originals, which are films and television shows produced by Amazon Studios or licenced to Amazon. It also hosts material from other providers, content add-ons, live sporting events, and video rental and purchasing options.

Amazon Prime Errors

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most innovative entertainment services in recent memory. You can watch whatever you want, whether it's your favourite TV show, a movie, or other on-demand movies. Fortunately, you've never had to worry about a lack of material to keep you entertained. However, unlike some other streaming entertainment providers, there may be some technical issues over time. Such technical glitches undoubtedly impede Amazon Prime subscribers' ability to stream content. Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004 is one of the most prevalent types of technical difficulties encountered by Amazon Prime.

What Is Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime?

The error code 5004 in amazon Prime is one of the authentication errors which usually occurs while we sign in to the app or its website from our streaming devices. This also says that we can't access any of the content available inside the online platform. And there are many ways to fix these issues. There are many simple methods to solve the Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime. But before that, we should know what causes the error code 5004, so that we can proceed further directly to solve the issues which are related to this Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime. These are the causes that can cause the Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime.

  • Speed of the Internet connection 

  • When your system or device is connected to a VPN server.

  • When your computer has a firewall enabled.

  • Because of the Anti-virus softwares.

  • The old version of the Prime application.

  • Amazon Prime bug issues. 

  • When your device has any corrupted data.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004?

  1. Speed of the Internet connection

  2. When your system or device is connected to a VPN server

  3. Uninstall Or Update The Amazon Prime

  4. Clear The Cache And Unwanted Cookies

  5. Prime Account Active Status

Speed of the Internet connection

One of the main causes of any login troubles with Amazon Prime Video is the instability and unreliability of the Internet connection. Your internet connection may become slow or fluctuate from time to time, causing problems connecting to or accessing Amazon Prime servers. As a result, if you receive Amazon error code 5004, make sure your connection and speed are up to par.

Examine your internet connection's accessibility. If it's connected, run a speed test to see if the connection is stable.

When your system or device is connected to a VPN server

Another common cause of connectivity problems is the use of VPNs, proxy servers, firewalls, and antivirus software. When using a VPN and proxy, issues such as traffic encryption and rerouting can make it difficult to reach the servers.

However, your internet connection is immediately blocked by your firewall and numerous anti-virus programmes, resulting in a failed sign-in process. As a result, by removing these blocker programmes, you can quickly resolve the issues, allowing you to sign in to Amazon Prime servers.

Uninstall Or Update The Amazon Prime

The issue occurs regardless of the device you use to access your Prime account. So, whether you're using Apple TV, PS4, or Xbox to view or stream Prime video content, you can see the Amazon Prime video error code 5004. Among all of these possibilities for error 5004, the issue could be with the Amazon Prime Video app, which could be due to a bug or an outdated app.

To resolve this issue, just uninstall the app from your device and then reinstall the Prime video app. Install this application after you've downloaded the most recent version.

Clear The Cache And Unwanted Cookies

When you use your computer to watch Prime Video, cached data and cookies can produce Amazon error code 5004. Similarly, when data is corrupted as a result of an internet virus or malware, it causes a problem with the real website data, resulting in sign-in failure.

As a result, clearing the cache and cookies will assist you in resolving all of the corrupted data. After that, you'll be able to login in to your Prime account without difficulty.

Prime Account Active Status

If your Amazon Prime account isn't working, first check to see if your account is active or not. You're probably aware that Amazon Prime Video isn't completely free; you have to pay for it. As a result, you should have either an annual Amazon Prime subscription or a monthly video-only subscription to utilise the streaming services.

Growth Of Amazon Prime

In the United States, Amazon Unbox was launched on September 7, 2006, and the service evolved with an expanding library and the addition of Prime Video membership with the creation of the Prime subscription. Prime Video went global on December 14, 2016, expanding its presence outside the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Japan. In countries like India, The platform is made available for a promotional price of $/€2.99 per month for the first six months, then $/€5.99 per month after that.

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Error Code 5004 Amazon Prime - FAQs

1. Why do I keep getting an error message on Amazon Prime?

Most of the problems associated with streaming video with your Amazon Prime membership are the result of poor internet connectivity, problems with your streaming device, or problems with the Prime Video app.

2. What is the error code 5004?

Error code 5004 is an authentication error that occurs when you are trying to sign in to Amazon Prime servers from your streaming device.

3. How do I clear my Prime Video cache?

Go to the Settings option (the gear icon) at the top right corner. Tap Clear Video Search History.

4. Who is better Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video offers more titles, while Netflix shines when it comes to original programming. Both streaming services have won awards for their original shows and movies.

5. How many devices can use Amazon Prime video at the same time?

You may stream up to three videos at the same time using the same Amazon account. You may stream the same video to no more than two devices at a time.

6. Why is Amazon Prime Video so bad?

Video quality totaly depend on the internet connection in your device. So make sure you have a stable internet connection.