Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes, Check Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes Here

Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes: Elite Dangerous is a game recently played by multiple gamers online and well, you might be aware of the recent Elite Dangerous. Check the latest insights on Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes. Well, with that being said, let's begin with the article. Swipe down and have a good read.

by Fredrick | Updated Sep 21, 2022

Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes, Check Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes Here

Elite Dangerous Game

Frontier Developments created and released a space flight simulation game Elite Dangerous. The player assumes the position of a starship pilot/commander and analyzes a pragmatic open-world simulation of the Milky Way universe with open-ended gameplay. While the game retains a single-player option, it is the first in the series to attempt massively multiplayer gaming, with players' actions affecting the narrative story of the game's persistent universe. Frontier: First Encounters(1995) is the prequel to this game. 

Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes


  • A fix has been implemented to address landing issues for Anaconda Pilots. 

  • A fix has been implemented to address frequent stuttering encountered during gameplay, often seen when descending towards a planet surface.

  • A fix has been implemented to address missing facial hair on Commander portraits.

    • This fix to facial hair also includes fixes for other Commander customisation elements not displaying correctly, such as tattoos and more (Issue tracker reference ticket: https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/50359)

  • A fix has been implemented to address the Shipyard UI softlocking if "Disable GUI Effects" was set to On.

    • This fix benefits both regular and VR Commanders.

  • Commanders are now correctly able use X/Square input when using a controller when navigating on foot. 

    • This issue was caused by multiple inputs being allocated to the same control scheme, which would then incorrectly mask one another.

  • General crash and stability fixes have been implemented.


The current high priority known issues are listed below but as usual, please remember that these are not the only outstanding issues sitting team side that mean a lot to us.

These are strictly reports which are causing some significant mischief at present still, which we'd just like to offer formal reassurance on as being noted. Thanks so much, as always, for your patience.

  • Unable to access ship functions from within a station (Issue tracker reference ticket https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/50353)

    • As per the report, Commanders have experienced being unable to access any of the ship functions when at the station services screen. Once again, as per the report, Commanders are required to leave Station Services to access ship functions and then go back again.

    • As another has noted, Commanders are unable to 'check their existing missions or inventory, or even consult the System and Galaxy maps without exiting completely from the station UI.'

  • It's been reported that ship launched fighters are failing still to attack Thargoids when giving orders to their pilot NPCs.

  • There's currently an issue whereby opening the System or Galaxy Map incorrectly issues a 'fade-to-black' transition.

What Are Patch Notes?

Patch Notes are the control files that provide the fixes for the vulnerabilities and bugs your game has previously dealt with. Usually, the inventor of the game publishes the patches for the game in a timely order to provide fixes for the bugs. In the quick term, patch notes help your game run glitchless and are reasonably compatible. The patches are nothing but the recently added game changes, which entirely affect the in-game features and algorithms.

Elite Dangerous Plot

Elite Dangerous began in the year 3300 when it was released in 2014 and has remained in sync with UTC despite being 1286 years in the future. The game takes place 45 years after the events of Frontier: First Encounters. The core premise of Elite Dangerous is the same as in previous games. These activities include trading, mining, exploration, passenger transportation, bounty hunting, piracy, and assassination.

Elite Dangerous Trailer


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Elite Dangerous 4.0 Patch Notes - FAQs

1. When Will Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha Be Released?

The Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha was released on March 29, 2021.

2. Who is the developer of Elite Dangerous Odyssey?

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is developed by Frontier Developments plc.

3. What genre is Elite Dangerous Odyssey?

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is a Space flight simulation game.

4. Is Elite Dangerous Odyssey available for Xbox One?

Yes, Elite Dangerous Odyssey is available for Xbox One.

5. Is Elite Dangerous a video game?

Yes, it is a video game.

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