Dreamhack Fortnite Register - How to Register and Open Fortnite Dreamhack Online? Know Epic Games Dreamhack Fortnite Schedule Here!

by Shalini K | Updated December 11, 2020

social social social social Dreamhack Fortnite Register - How to Register and Open Fortnite Dreamhack Online? Know Epic Games Dreamhack Fortnite Schedule Here!

Dreamhack Online Open Fortnite Registration - One of the most popular Epic Games is the Fortnite Dreamhack and Dreamhack Online Open Fortnite Registration will start from 10 December to 21 December. For more information on Dreamhack Online Open Fortnite Registration, Epic Games Tournament read on the details provided below. You can also check the steps on how to Register Fortnite Dreamhack Online, Dreamhack Online Open Fortnite Tournament Schedule from this article. Sign Up for Dreamhack Online Open Fortnite Registration, Play the Tournament, and win the prize amount.  

Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament

Fortnite Dreamhack is one of the most popular games that thousands of players from all over the globe play every day. Fortnite Dreamhack is a multiplayer game that basically works on the main battle royale principle. A variety of tournaments are organized on a daily basis and gives players an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament happens to be one of those. Yet there were a large number of players who asked a lot of questions about the tournament. Players tried to work out questions such as how to register for the DreamHack Online Open Fortnite. Here's a simple way for DreamHack Online Open Fortnite Registration. Refer to the following section to know more about Fortnite online tournament.

Watch - How to Register Fortnite Dreamhack Online

What are the stages of Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament?

Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament consists of 3 stages. Stage 1 consists of two divisions. Check the Stages of Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament below.   

Stage 1: Heat One, Heat Two

Stage 2: Semi-Finals 

Stage 3: Grand Final

The winner of the Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament will be awarded a cash prize of $250,000 (Total prize pool split between the regions).

How to Register Fortnite Dreamhack Online?

  • Go to the DreamHack official website

  • Open the sign-up page 

  • Play 10 games to obtain qualifying points in heat one

  • If you gain the qualifying points, you will move to Heat two where you can play another 10 games

  • When you have qualifying points for Grand Final Qualifier, you will be moved to the same division

  • Once completing Grand Final Qualifier, you will be qualified for Grand Final where you need to play another 8 games 

Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament Schedule

  • NA EAST- December 9-10
  • NA WEST- December 16-17
  • EU- December 19-20

Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament - Scoring System

Players will earn extra +5 points for each elimination they secure in the first round of the DreamHack Online Open Heats Fortnite Duos Championship. The point format for the tournament is as follows:

  • Victory Royale - +6 points
  • Position 2 to 5 - +3 points
  • Position 6 to 21 and position 25 - +2 points
  • Position 22 to 24 - +1 point

Dreamhack Fortnite Register - FAQs

1. How can I participate in the Fortnite Dreamhack Tournament?

Fortnite Dreamhack Tournament requires only sign-ups. So sign up and play the Fortnite Dreamhack Tournament.

2. Can I play Fortnite Dreamhack Tournament Offline? 

No, Fortnite Dreamhack Tournament can be played only in online mode. 

3. Can I play both Heats in my region?

Yes, players can sign up for both heats.

4. How can I claim my Fortnite Dreamhack Tournament prize?

You can visit the Epic Games page on how to claim the prize. 

5. When does the Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament begin?

Fortnite Dreamhack Online Tournament will start from December 10-21.

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