Dexcom Follow Not Working, Know More Details About How to Fix Dexcom Server Unavailable Error?

Dexcom Follow Not Working - Dexcom follow app was released on Oct 14, 2021. There is some feature in this app that is insights that can lead to better diabetes decisions, proven to lower A1C and simple alerts that warn you of lows and highs. Many Dexcom users have recently been asking Dexcom Follow Not Working. Let's check out the article Dexcom Follow Not Working. 

by Rajalaxmi Sahoo | Updated Jan 13, 2023

Dexcom Follow Not Working, Know More Details About How to Fix Dexcom Server Unavailable Error?
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Dexcom Follow Not Working

The Dexcom Follow app is a separate app from the Dexcom G5 Mobile app. The followers only need to download and install the app. This app allows followers to view the Sharer's glucose information. Also, this allows the Follower to get Alarms and Alerts. This app allows the Follower to view the share's trend graph. They don't provide treatment advice and also interact with the Dexcom G5 Mobiel App. This app invitation email after getting the Sharer's follow the invitation by email. The follower sets up their smart device. According to Dexcom,

1. First of all, check the smart device settings. 

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2. Then open settings and then notifications. 

3. Later, you can find Dexcom Follow in the app list and then turn on notifications. 

4. Or else you can contact the sharer to ensure the Dexcom G6 app is not closed on the phone. 

5. The app is intended to run at all times. 

Is Dexcom Server Down?

The Dexcom app shows a server error due to improper configuration of the phone's regional and language settings. The outdated OS of the phone and the updated Dexcom app may cause the issue. The main issue will arise when a user encounters the server unavailable and server error message when using a Dexcom app that is G6, G6 Share, Dexcom Clarity, Dexcom Follow App, and many more. Even users have to be aware of some customers experiencing service interruptions and work to resolve the issue. In this app 72% is stable in Server Connection, 15% in the App, and 13% is Content Won't Load.

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How To Check Dexcom Server Status?

Dexcom app is one of the most companion app that aids users to track the glucose level of their blood. This has an advanced sensor and transmitter to move data readings from a sensor to compatible devices like Android and iOS. The Dexcom app is handy, some of the users are encountering and reporting Dexcom server errors on Android devices. None of the above techniques work for the user to solve the Dexcom app server error on Andriod's phone. This might possible that there is a problem with the Dexcom Application server. The user needs to ensure that the Dexcom application server is running fine. Also, you can check the Dexcom server status simply by visiting the "Dexcom App Server Status official page."

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How To Fix Dexcom Server Unavailable Error?

Enable/ Disable the Airplane Mode and Restart Your Phone

  1. First of all, open the Quick settings menu of the phone and then click on the Airplane icon

  2. After that disable the Airplane mode. 

  3. You have to make sure that the mobile data and WiFi are enabled and Bluetooth is disabled. 

  4. Then launch the Dexcom app and check if the server issues are resolved. 

  5. Then power off the phone and networking equipment and wait 1 minute and then power on the phone and networking equipment.

Update the Dexcom App to the Latest Build

  1. First of all, launch the Google Play store and then open its menu

  2. Then tap on My apps and games and then select the Installed tab

  3. Then open the Dexcom app and click on the Update button. 

  4. Once the Dexcom app is updated, launch it and check that it is clear of server error. 

Update the OS of Your Phone to the Latest Release

  1. First of all, launch the phone's settings and open About Phone. 

  2. Now click on the System update and then check for updates 

  3. Then the phone's OS and updating the latest beta release solve the Dexcom server error. 


Edit the Language and Regional Settings of Your Phone

  1. Users can launch the phone's settings and then open Langauge and input settings.

  2. Then select Language and choose the language as per your location. 

  3. Launch the phone's settings and open data and time if the issue is not solved. 

  4. Now turn off Automatic data and time and automatic Time zone. 

  5. You can select a time zone and make sure this is accurate for the physical location. 

  6. Now users can launch the Dexcom app and then check whether the server error is cleared. 

Try Another Network

You can disconnect the phone from the current network and then connect to another network. Even you can contact the ISP and organization to whitelist the Dexcom web addresses. 

Remove the Conflicting App

Users can encounter the Dexcom server error, another app on the phone while operating the Dexcom app, and removing the conflicting app, which may solve the problem. There are some Dexcom issues is Hostfile Adblocker and xDrip. 

Reinstall the Dexcom App

You can't seem to make things work, so we recommend reinstalling the app from the Play Store or using an APK to sideload the latest Alpha version of Dexcom. Compared to most other major platforms, Dexcom works best in Its Alpha versions. 

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Dexcom Follow Not Working - FAQs

1. When Dexcom was founded?

Dexcom was founded in 1999. 

2. Who is the CEO of this company?

Kevin R. Sayer is the founder of the company. 

3. How many employees are working there?

There are 3,900 employees are working there. 

4. Which products this company provided?

The company provided medical devices. 

5. What is the revenue of this app?

The revenue of this app is 103.2 crores USD. 

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