Destiny 2 Error Code Olive: How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code ‘Olive’?

Destiny 2 Error Code Olive: Olive appears to strike at various times for different players and according to one complaint posted on Bungie's forums, the bug occurs in the middle of a cutscene. Others reported the error code interrupting gameplay and returning them to the character selection screen. Do refer to the article given below to know more about Destiny 2 Error Code Olive. 

by A Maria Minolini | Updated Dec 07, 2022

Destiny 2 Error Code Olive: How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code ‘Olive’?
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What Is Error Code: Olive? 

The game 'Olive' error code in Destiny 2 is frequently associated with an instance where the user is not linked to a Bungie account. Several affected users who were also experiencing this issue confirmed that it was resolved after they connected with a valid Bungie account. Destiny 2 and follow the prompts to create a Bungie account after you have completed this and validated your account.

Details About Destiny 2 Error Code Olive

Destiny 2 is a popular free and online multiplayer first-person shooter video game among many players. You may be one of them who wants to play it on your PC or console. However, some error codes appear frequently, interfering with your user experience. Another standard error code that may occur is olive. An error message saying, "There may be a problem with your Bungie account," appeared on the screen. If you try again and still have problems, please go to the official website and search for the error code: olive." The Destiny 2 server issue, a separate Bungie account, leftover data, and a glitch caused by a long idle period are all possible causes of the Bungie error.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Olive? 

Check to see if the problem is with the server

  • Before troubleshooting, you should first see if other Destiny 2 users in your area are experiencing the same issue. The specific error code could be related to server issues.

  • You can make use of services such as DownDetector or Outage.

  • Report seeing if other users are experiencing the same problem. If you are still looking for any issues with the Destiny 2 server, check the game's status page and the official Twitter Destiny 2 support account to see if there are any official announcements about the server issue.

Sign in with a Bungie Account

  • Destiny 2 error code olive occurs when you do not connect to a Bungie account. According to affected users, the error code is resolved after they connect with a valid Bungie account.

  • So, restart Destiny 2 and follow the on-screen instructions to create a Bungie account. Then, validate the performance and play an online game to check whether the problem has been resolved.

Install Destiny 2 again (Only for PC)

  • You may encounter the Destiny error code olive when you transfer Destiny 2 from to Steam. The main reason is that there are leftover files. In this case, uninstall the version of Destiny 2 and clear the cache data before reinstalling the game via Steam.

Restart Your Computer or Console

  • Users report that restarting the PC or console helps to resolve Bungie code olive. The operations are straightforward, and the work can be completed quickly.

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Details About Destiny 2 Error Code Olive - FAQs

1. What is Destiny Error Code? 

"Olive" doesn't lend itself to easy interpretation. While Bungie may not know what's going on under the hood of its Destiny 2 beta, the developer hasn't shared the bug's precise cause as of yet. 

2. What does Olive seems to strike? 

Olive seems to strike at different times for different players. One complaint logged on Bungie's forums mentions the bug occurring in the middle of a cutscene. 

3. What have the reporters done? 

Others reported the error code interrupting them during gameplay and booting them back to the character select screen.

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