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DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes - When is the DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes Are Released? Check Here DayZ 1.10 New Update Release Date And DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes Today

DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes - Are you curious to know the new DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes? DayZ is a survival game released back in 2013 where the gamers have been expecting for something new in the game to play with. Bohemian Interactive had promised to come up with a DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes soon in November. What about the DayZ 1.10 release date and what are the changes made in the DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes? In this article, let us look at the DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes and DayZ release date.

by Shalini | Updated Nov 19, 2020 13:57 PM

DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes - When is the DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes Are Released? Check Here DayZ 1.10 New Update Release Date And DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes Today

DayZ 1.10 Release Date

When is the DayZ Xbox update 1.10 release date? As told by Bohemian Interactive, they have released the DayZ 1.10 patch notes today 19 November 2020. The exciting thing is that DayZ Update 1.10 is added with some added features to it. Are you much eager to know the DayZ 1.10 update on new features and the DayZ 1.10 patch notes 2020? Let us jump in to know the vast changes and features and bug fixes in the DayZ 1.10 Update.

DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes Update

Some of the features added in DayZ and the official patch notes are changes made by Bohemia Interactive are

  • Leg Fractures

  • Cold Survival Tweaks

  • Improvised shelters + looting changes 

DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes 2020

The released DayZ 1.10 patch notes 2020, or the experimental PC Update are


  • You can break the players lower leg, the damage is applied by falling or brute force.

  • Added Signal Pistol and its ammunition (in various colours)

  • Added crafted Tanned Leather using Garden Lime

  • Added crafted Leather Backpack

  • Added crafted Improvised Shelter

  • Added localization for Brazilian-Portuguese

  • Added the crafted Splint

  • Added Tarp material

  • Added the ability to replace ruined parts of tents (entrance-/window-covers) with Tarp

  • Added the Pipe Wrench

  • You can repair a damaged car engine with the Pipe Wrench

  • You can repair parts of the vehicle chassis with an Epoxy Putty

  • Clothing items now have an indicator for their isolation value

  • Exposure to wind will make your character freeze more (forests can provide cover)

  • Food decays over time

  • Items dry up over-time when put on the ground or in cargo space on the ground (proximity to a fireplace is no longer required, but the area of a fireplace dries items faster)

  • Items cool down over-time in the player's inventory and on the ground

  • Added a heat buffer to supply an overtime heat bonus to the thermal comfort of the player character (you receive a temporary heat bonus after spending time near a fireplace)

  • Added a smoking slot to several types of fireplaces, used to dry meat

  • Added additional coastline details between Storozh (prison island) and Ostrog, making the sea traversal easier and more interesting (Chernarus)

  • Punching now deals damage to gloves and can cause bleeding to bare hands

  • Added a visual effect to increasing shock damage (both reflecting getting hit, and current state)

  • Added damage when jumping out of a running vehicle (also including a chance for broken legs and death)

  • New visual heat haze effect for the fireplace, flare, road flare and torch lights


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from combining stacks of items from their inventory with the second stack being in their vicinity

  • Item wetting/drying was not taking into account attachments and nested inventories.

  • Fixed wrong decals on the legacy police Olga wreck

  • Fixed sound issues related to doors in several buildings

  • Fixed window collisions in several buildings

  • It is no longer possible to climb up the broken staircase on the industrial silo.

  • It was possible to open city store back doors by pressing F at certain pieces of furniture in the front part of the building.

  • Sawed-off weapons now have a short weapon length (when it comes to collision with walls etc.)

  • Fixed an issue restoring a rag to the pristine state after being used as a gag

  • Fixed an issue preventing the player from detaching their magazine

  • Dead bodies of players should now fall through walls less often.

  • It should now be more intuitive to locate the inventory of dead bodies.

  • It was possible to consume pills and other items when they were ruined.

  • Boiled steaks showed a wrong texture.

  • It was not possible to place traps, barrels and crates on slopes.

  • Fixed a bug causing a stuck item widget

  • Added the missing engine to the ADA wrecks

  • It was possible to get sick by drinking/eating when the player had gloves and bloody hands.

  • Locked doors were not saved correctly when opened by damage, making them lock themselves again after a server restart.

  • The grass was not flattened when driven over with a vehicle.

  • Water particles were appearing when hitting a player that is on an object above the sea.

  • Fixed various object placement fixes for both the Chernarus and Livonia terrains

  • The player was able to fish through piers.

  • Climbing


  • Added: CE global variables for toggle of wetting/drying/heating/cooling and food decay

  • Added: Init flag in economy.xml now toggles randomizing door state every time the building loads in on server except for locked doors.

  • Added: setRespawnMode server config parameter, allowing to force always random respawn (1) or use a custom character from the main menu (0)

  • Changed: The priority queuing list is now editable at runtime (requested in https://feedback.bistudio.com/T152005)

  • Changed: Avoidance system buffer increased to reduce chances of seeing warning messages on the server (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T149915)

  • Tweaked: Avoidance system overloaded message now has more information.

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DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes - FAQ

1. When is the DayZ 1.10 Patch Notes are released?

The DayZ 1.10 patch notes has been released today, 19 November 2020.