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Daily Duppy - OFB

Daily Duppy Lyrics: Daily Duppy Lyrics from Drill Commandments has been topping the charts since it's release. Daily Duppy Lyrics by Double Lz, Izzpot & Bandokay which has some catchy lines are the icing on the cake and the Song’s brilliant lines combined with OFB mesmerizing voice has made Daily Duppy one of the best songs of the year. Daily Duppy has been making waves since its release, and people can't seem to get enough of it. To know the lyrics of Daily Duppy scroll down.

by Rajammal D | Updated Feb 22, 2021 17:04 PM

Daily Duppy  - OFB

Daily Duppy OFB Lyrics


[Verse 1: Izzpot, Bandokay, Double Lz]
Think I'm losing my head cah' I ride with a gun
Age 16, started riding for fun
Shush got bored up, tryna slide on the sums
Turn age 17, my bro's knifing his lungs
Age 18, I was wetting on tag
My big brosdem kept getting on man
For Popcaan we are ova dweet
Eighteen I thought life was over sweet
Blickidy blick like 22Gz
Make you drip in your drip when the .32 beats
Slip on your strip then we shoot indeed
When we in Wood Green like the 243

[Verse 2: Bandokay, Izzpot]
Yo, we got crocodile teeth like Skillibeng
For many men like 50 Cent
You know the gang pop corn in silence
Latex on, bally on with the skеng
Yo like Izzpot, I gotta tell them ahliе
Don got held up and got shelled in, ahlie
Watch us come back like a frisbee
Bro's faster, beg a man run swiftly

[Verse 3: Double Lz]
Gangsters, watch a gang ambush like my anthem
No we ain't dishing out sweets on randoms
My bro's on the can with the Samsung
Asking me where's all the bad tings
Shot and I miss, had me throwing a tantrum
Bro tell me use one eye like Plankton
They're 9-out-of-10, yo clamp him
Keep it a secret like law of attraction

[Verse 4: Izzpot]
Ay, I run a man down and he's screaming "ah"
Like Bando, I'm here screaming "yo"
We ain't strippers, we don't dance with pole
Aye, spin this right, let me glance this folk
Bros in front and I'm grabbing him back like "no"
Let me get that one bro
They got broski in the can like coke
If I shh man down will he drown on floor?

[Verse 5: Bandokay]
If I shh man down, will his whole drip drown?
Shh man down till they hold it down
Ting and her clit, soaking wow
She told me baby, come and stroke it now
She said go brazy, come and poke it now
Bless the baby tryna own this crown
One got away, two got away
Three was Wavey when he got thrown down

Part 2

Ebon made this
Bigzy made a banger

[Verse 1: Bandokay]
I could've went to Church Road like Nines still
Instead I'm on the block, with the 9 mill
I had six on the top, not five grills
Bitches seem to talk more when they're in high heels
I'm like Chris, like Tucker on a Friday
Let it get smokey, bitch I want it my way
Want my jeans 30, Dior in a size 8
I been like Deebo since I was 5'8"
Tek tings, we don't run it back we love rob people
Like my nigga get the smoke, he love shot people
Make you feel it in the air like Beanie Sigel
Divide the cash into two, ain't no meady equal
Screaming mulli like Asco
But they say money's evil
Mummy I'm the man, I know mummy's peaceful
I see red like a bull, and my money legal
Now the MP's want us to take a needle
I put petrol in my car, my other ride was diesel
I'm easy like E, I got my bird no eagle
Leather gloves up in the car, told my nigga be cool
Just get the car in motion and watch my nigga beat corn
You beat one, you beat two
You beat after you
And now we're over there in the afternoon
Back then we was friends and now we're after goons
You are not my family like Pa Salieu

[Verse 2: Izzpot]
Yo, the system's more than fucked
Caught a yout and bored him up
Every time I'm stepping on the roads, I got my borer tucked
Every time I'm fucking on these hoes, I'm getting bored as fuck
These fans are only fucking with the gang until they're bored of us
I heard my broski slapped it front of jakes, that was more than luck
Could've been an actor, shit, I could've been a baller 'cuz
Unlimited slappings, but they talking like they done more of us
Twenty man running, fucking hell, there's only four of us
I swear to God this life is fucked
But they don't understand
Every day's a challenge, I ain't talking about the running man
Yeah they clapped it off
We clapped it back but we ain't running, fam
Bro packed him off and dashed him off
And now we're bunning man
And now we're bunning man with ciggy
Needing more like come from Philly
If you're drilly then I'm drilly
Told my bro stop being silly
Told my hoe stop playing with me
Told my bro start praying with me
'Cah, life is short, and we don't know when it's taken, killy
Heard I poked him, I poked him, yeah, well that's true
Heard I took that day date in the night, well that's a fact too
Every day I'm getting stopped by feds 'cause I'm a black yout
If you really want the lifestyle then you know you gotta stack too
Know I can't trust a hoe, just fuck a hoe and duck a hoe
That's normal
Adrenaline, I'm getting him, I'm wetting him
That's thoughtful
Swinging it, that's forceful
Said he's on me, cool cool
He ain't scoring nothing, all I'm hearing is bare talk talk

[Verse 3: Double Lz]
Couple murder cases, couple burner cases
Couple serve the pavements
Separating dark and white, it weren't no racists
Couple turned to strangers, couple turned to pagans
Couple weren't the bravest
Way besides that, couple turned to fakers
I swear I slapped off, there weren't no thinking about it
Hella residue, I'm telling you, I had to fling the outfit
Dash six up out it
Like I was even clowning
You ever seen a browning, not the one you jeeting out in
I know a lad that thinks he's bad when his G's around him
I know a yat that got attached when she see a thousand
I know a man that's in the can and I ain't even shout him
I know it sounds fucked, I got him when they free him out it

[Outro: Double Lz, Bandokay]
Ay, ay, ay
SJ, Boogs, Clappz, Vale
YK, CY, Rum, Bricka, Kash
Free all the spartans, man
Mangs, Zills, Juicy
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, run that back to me

About Lyrics of Daily Duppy OFB

Daily Duppy has been gaining popularity with every passing day. Daily Duppy from Drill Commandments could be one of the best Song Genre songs of the year. Double Lz, Izzpot & Bandokay lines combined with OFB singing forces you to play the song on loop. You can read the lyrics of Daily Duppy  to get a better understanding of the song.

Album : Drill Commandments

Produced by : Senseii & Bigzy

Written By : Double Lz, Izzpot & Bandokay

Release Date : February 14, 2021

Some facts about Daily Duppy Song Lyrics

  • Daily Duppy which came out on February 14, 2021 has had No of Views on Youtube.

  • This is Double Lz, Izzpot & Bandokay nth film. 

  • This is OFB nth song.

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Daily Duppy Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did Daily Duppy Song Released?

The Daily Duppy Song was released on February 14, 2021.

2. Who is the Singer of Daily Duppy Song?

The singer of Daily Duppy Song is OFB 

3. Who are the Lyricists for Daily Duppy Song?

The Lyricists for  Daily Duppy Song is Double Lz, Izzpot & Bandokay.