Cyberpunk 2077 Free Brick Codes: Check Out How To Find A Way To Free Brick In Cyberpunk 2077?

by Shalini K | Updated December 11, 2020

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How to Cyberpunk 2077 Free Brick? Cyberpunk 2077, a recently released action role-playing video game where the player encounters several characters and Who is Brick? How can you Cyberpunk 2077 free brick character? If you have started playing the Cyberpunk 2077 game, you have to know many things related to this game and one such thing this Cyberpunk 2077 Free Brick. In this article, let us look at ways to Cyberpunk 2077 Free Brick and find a way to free Brick Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk How To Free Brick?

Who is Brick in Cyberpunk 2077? Brick is one of the characters who had first appeared in the Night City Gangs: Maelstrom. Brick was earlier the leader of the Maelstrom gang in Night City. He made a deal with Dexter DeShawn who purchased a bot from the gang. Brick was deposed by a fellow Maelstrom ganger named Royce who usurped his role as the leader of the gang. Everyone was told and believed that he had died after Royce took charge of the gang. But Brick is still alive and was imprisoned in the All Food plant. The player V, can stumble across Brick in his cell while attempting to purchase a bot from the gang.So, as a player, V has the three options 

  • Option to free, 
  • Kill, or 
  • Leave him to rot.

If Brick is freed by disabling the mine in his cell, he will seek vengeance on Royce for his usurpation and imprisonment. Whether Brick is released, killed or left to rot, there will be consequences. So, you must make the best decision when it comes to finding a way to free Brick Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Free Brick

Hopefully Brick is alive! How can you free Brick from the prison? So it is crucial to find a way to free Brick. So, let us look on how to find the code to Brick'sBrick's room, disarm the detonator, and save Brick in the Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Quest. First, you need to deal with Royce. If you plan to rescue Brick,

  • You must have seven points in your Intelligence attribute.
  • If not, you have to shoot Royce and kill the other enemies in the room with him.
  • Remember to loot his body for his Chaos Tech pistol.

After dealing with Royce, you have to take the Flathead robot, the yellow ladder and finally open the door. 

  • You have to climb on the boxes and turn on the production line.
  • Walkthrough the gap to get another ladder.
  •  Now, drop through the hole in the metal walkway to avoid enemies and clear the room.

Cyberpunk 2077 Code To Free Brick

What are the codes to free Brick in Cyberpunk 2077?

  • To free Brick, you need to walk through the door and on the left side of the room pass through the door opposite.
  • You can spot Brick in a locked room directly on your left.
  •  He'llHe'll shout for help once he spots you. So, continue to move to the second room. You'll see a grey laptop.
  • Now, press R to open it, then hold F to use it.
  •  Navigate to the last message in the Messages tab titled "only you guys know". 
  • The Cyberpunk 2077 code to free Brick is 9691.
  • On the countertop on the left of the entrance to the second room, you'll find the detonator. 
  • You have to resist the temptation to set off the charge and be aware as it will kill Brick. So, disarm it. And go back to Brick'sBrick's room and the keypad on the left,
  • Punch in the given code.
  • Now speak to Brick, and when you tell him that he owes you he'll say "if we ever meet again, I'll have you covered".

Cyberpunk 2077 Free Brick - FAQ

1. Is Brick alive in Cyberpunk 2077?

Yes, Brick is still alive and he's imprisoned by Royce.

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