Crossy Road Redeem Codes, Crossy Road Secret Characters

Crossy Road redeem codes: Crossy Road is a popular video game and many gamers want to know whether Crossy Road redeem codes are available to collect freebies. Read this article to find out whether there is any official Crossy Road redeem codes available and about the secret characters in the game.

by Ashnath Jeba | Updated Jan 09, 2023

Crossy Road Redeem Codes, Crossy Road Secret Characters
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Crossy Road Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes are the ones that we can use to redeem freebies in a game. Many games will officially offer some promo codes, which gamers can use to get in-game gifts. But not all games provide redeem codes. If you ask whether there are any redeem codes available on the game Crossy Road, the answer is no. There is no official announcement available about the redemption codes on the game.

There is also no legitimate method to use one. The game doesn’t offer any freebies for in the game for any promo codes. You can only obtain them by completing the quests and challenges. There are many promo codes on the Internet that are fake. So it is advised to avoid those. The developers of the game don’t provide any promo codes to redeem. It is unknown whether they will provide any promo codes in the future. 

Crossy Road Cheats

There are some tricks and cheats to make your game more exciting. Here are some tips to get further faster in the game.

  • Focus on what is in front of you and not on your character. 

  • You need to tap behind your character and not in the front. If you tap too far, the game will take that as a swipe. Try to tap directly below and toward the bottom of the screen. 

  • You can also backtrack or turn around in the game if you want to avoid stepping in traffic. 

  • You can side-swipe in the opposite direction of a lane to cross more quicker. It will save time in traffic. This also works for slow logs coming down the river.

  • While crossing lanes in the traffic, you can jump immediately after the car pass. This helps you to get the most time between cars to get to the next lane.

  • If you get fixated on the coins, it slows you down and even ends up in a disaster. So, concentrate on the road ahead, instead of coins. You can get coins by watching ads.

  • In the game, you can sprint across many lanes of traffic at a time. You can get to a high score faster by doing so. 

  • You need to be careful about the white water break on either side. If your character passes through it, you will lose. Try staying in the middle to avoid those. 

  • While you play the game, you can collect coins regularly. So, don’t waste real money to get it. 

Crossy Road Secret Characters

There are many secret characters found in the game Crossy Road. Those are called Mystery characters or Mascots in the game. It is also easy to unlock those characters. 

Mascot Required Mascot
Ace Rocky
Andy Sum Mallard
Angler Fish Any Ocean mascot
Ben Weatherall The Dark Lord
Best in Show Any dog
Big Fancy Pig Blue
Blinky Pac-Chicken or Clyde
Bones Paleontologist
Cai Shen Fortune Chicken, Fire Monkey, Xi, New Year's Doll, or Chinese Monster
Cat Lady Lucky Cat, Unlucky Cat, or Tabby Cat
Chinese Monster New Year's Doll
Choc Mallard Jelly Bear
Clown The Hand
Clyde Pac-Man
Coconut Water Tourist
Crab Any mascot
Dragon Rider Snow King
Drop Bear Any Australian mascot
Gingerbread Man Wolf
Gifty Festive Chicken
Halfling Any New Zealand mascot
Hipster Whale Any mascot
Iceberg Any Arctic mascots
Inky Pac-Man
Lady of the Lake Any Medieval mascots
Leprechaun Any UK & Ireland mascot
Marathon Runner Cheerleader
Marmalade Piffle Ball
Matt Hall Lucky Cat
Merlady Any non-Ocean mascot
Merlin The Wart
Michael Boom Any mascot
Moon Rock Astronaut
Nessie Any UK & Ireland mascot
Piffle Ball Waffles
Pineapple Piffle Ball
Pinky Pac-Chicken
Pro Gamer Any Korean mascot
Purple Bloop Grablin
Robin Hood Monk
Robot Dog Any Space mascot
Rugby Player Squirrel
Seal Polar Bear
Space Walker Any Space mascot
Phone Box Any UK & Ireland mascot
The King of All Cosmos The Prince of All Cosmos
The Princess of All Cosmos The Prince of All Cosmos
The Queen of All Cosmos The King of All Cosmos
The Totem Ida, A Crow, or The Storyteller
Too Much Candy Any mascot
Waffles Piffle
Yeti Any Christmas (2015) mascot

Crossy Road Gameplay

Crossy Road is a popular arcade video game. It was developed and published by Hipster Whale. It was released in 2014. It can be played using iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Series 30+ Sky Q. The genres of the game are arcade and endless runner. The prime motive of the player is to move their character through an endless path of static and moving obstacles without dying. The character has to pass through busy roads, rivers, and active train tracks. Players can also select some other character to play and depending on that character the game environment will change. 

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Crossy Road Redeem Codes - FAQs

1. What is Crossy Road?

Crossy Road is a video game.

2. Which developer developed Crossy Road?

Crossy Road is developed by Hipster Whale. 

3. Which is the default character in the game?

The default character in the game is a chicken.

4. What are the genres of Crossy Road?

The genres of Crossy Road are arcade and endless runner.

5. Are there any promo codes available in Crossy Road?

No, there are no promo codes available in Crossy Road.

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