COTW Patch Notes, TheHunter: Call Of The Wild Update

COTW patch notes: theHunter: Call Of The Wild is a hunting video game. Gamers are excited to know about if any COTW patch notes updated for the game. The last update about the COTW patch notes was on December 2022. Here you can find the new update from the game and the latest patch notes update.

by Priscilla Nesitha Devaraj | Updated Jan 07, 2023

COTW Patch Notes, TheHunter: Call Of The Wild Update
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The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Update

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild update is out on January 6, 2023, in the official website of the game, and this is about the Apex Hunter Community Competition. Keep reading to find the update as given on the official website of the game. You can find the latest patch notes which was released on December 20, 2022, in the next session.

New Update Of COTW

Howdy, Hunters!

The Apex Hunter competition is back and it’s time to show everyone the skills you honed in 2022! This also means it’s time to give three new community hunters the Apex Hunter 2022 Discord Role of honor and some sweet prizes to boot, thanks to Steelseries. We’re also celebrating theHunter: Call of the Wild’s newest reserve New England Mountains, and just how awesome our community is in general, so let’s go!


Want to take part?

Make sure you’re a member of the Official theHunter Discord and available to tune in and participate in multiplayer activities on either PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, between Tuesday 10th -Thursday 19th January between 1800 – 2000 hr CET / 0900 – 1100 PST (plus a little extra time for padding).

We’ll be kicking off with a free-for-all guessing game during the stream via Twitch and YouTube on Tuesday the 10th to determine the participants. From there, seven players from each platform will move to the finals where they’ll take part in a mystery harvest and submit their three best kills for tallying. Additional specifics will be revealed during the starting event.


Determining the winners

Of the 21 contestants, one from each platform with the highest combined score will emerge victorious as the Apex Hunters of the season! These three winners will earn some serious bragging rights, along with a physical loot bag containing:

  • One of three Steelseries Arctis Nova 3 wired multi-platform headsets

  • theHunter: Call of the Wild limited edition t-shirt

  • Assortment of theHunter and Expansive Worlds stickers

Also bestowed upon them will be the Discord community Role of “APEX Hunter 2022”, complete with an exclusive badge of honor (Custom Role Icon)!

Share the fun on social media!

Are you posting about or streaming the competition? Don’t forget to use the tags #ApexHunterComp and #SteelSeries!

Read on below for competition participation requirements, considerations, and schedule!


One entry per person on either PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

Participants must:

  • Be a member of theHunter: (Official) Discord server and agree and adhere to the community rules and guidelines, viewable on our Discord server

  • Read, understand, and agree to the Avalanche Studios Group Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions

  • Adhere to the Expansive Worlds and theHunter: Call of the Wild Privacy Policy and EULA, as well as the Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, and Community Guidelines of Discord, Twitch, and YouTube, all of which can be found on their respective websites

  • Be available to participate during dates the times the preliminary event and their platform round takes place


Any attempt at cheating will result in immediate disqualification, as well as removal from theHunter: (Official) community server.

To help moderators determine whether or not the harvests are genuine, two screenshots must be submitted with each submission: one of the Harvest screen, and one of the Codex log showing the kill.


The competition series will be held between Tuesday 10th and Thursday 19th of January and broadcast across the Expansive Worlds Twitch and YouTube official channels.

Tuesday 10th January

2-hour stream

Qualifying event (guessing game)

Thursday 12th January

2-hour stream

Xbox Round

Tuesday 17th January

2-hour stream

PlayStation Round

Thursday 19th January

2+ hour stream

PC Round

To participate in the competition, join the official theHunter Discord and keep an eye out for more updates.

++ Follow and subscribe to our Twitch and YouTube channels to get notified about new content and live broadcasts!

* Headsets will be assigned to the competition winners at random.

COTW Patch Notes

Patch notes for the game COTW is released as the Known Issues List on December 20, 2022. After that, there is no official update of the patches found on the website. Read further to now about the patch notes as per the official website of the game.

Following the release of the New England Mountains Reserve and the Granite Update, we’ve compiled a list of issues some players may currently encounter in theHunter. If you’ve encountered a bug that you’d like to report, make sure to check the list below first, as we may already be aware and working on a fix!


  • Antlers aren’t rendering quite right. This is most noticeable when in the Trophy Lodge after players come to a stop.

  • “Fabled” furs for the Great One Moose are not appearing correctly in the Trophy Lodge.

      -Dev Team’s Notes: The trophies acquired while this bug is in the game should be automatically updated to display the correct fur once it’s fixed.

  • Weapon previews in the Storage Menu use a low-resolution model for weapons that have not yet been viewed in the Customization Menu.

  • Vegetation can appear pixelated during foggy weather.

     -Dev Team’s Notes: If you’re experiencing this, we recommend turning the “Volume Fog Quality” setting to “Off”

  • The player’s avatar doesn’t correctly hold the ATV’s handlebar in first-person view.

  • The reloading animation for the Modern Muzzleloader may not display correctly in the third person when players are in a crouched position.

  • In Parque Fernando, 2 out of 4 targets of the “Shot for Shot” mission are not visible without zooming at the correct spot.

  • The rechamber animation is currently missing when firing with the single-action revolver while aiming.


  • Some players are unable to complete the last step of “Fencing Champion”.


  • In a multiplayer session, it may be impossible for players to switch barrels on the Grelck Drilling Rifle when within 1.5 kilometers of another player.

  • The trash bin is not active in New England Mountains’ mission “Second Home”. Quitting to the Main Menu and reloading the game will solve it.

  • We find the .22LR truncated cone bullet to be underpowered.


  • Some very rare crashes can happen when using dogs in multiplayer.

  • Unexpected crashes can happen on the Xbox Series S and Series X versions of the game.

  • On rare occasions, PlayStation players may encounter a crash when accessing the Storage Menu at a cache.


  • The Cacciatore 12g shotgun does not trigger an echo when fired while aiming down sight.

  • Tripods do not trigger any sound when placed or being rotated.

  • In multiplayer, the Goose and Jackrabbit callers’ audio can be heard twice if triggered by another player.


  • Animals can appear with the wrong species on the Harvest Screen.

  • Controller keybinds are not being saved on PC.

  • It’s currently not possible to select Matmat’s multi-trophy mount while using a keyboard in the Trophy Lodge.

If you’ve encountered an issue that’s not listed above, make sure to share it with us on Discord or via our support website.

We hope you enjoy your time in the New England Mountains and the improvements we’ve rolled out with the Granite Update. It’s been a blast to follow your hunts in the new reserve and to read your feedback on it.

COTW Granite Update

COTW Granite update was released on the official website on December 6, 2022. The details about the Granite update as per the official website of the game are here:

Fully dedicated to answering community feedback with improvements and new features, the Granite Update is out now for all owners of theHunter: Call of the Wild.

Xbox Series X/S and PS5

Get a framerate boost of up to 60 FPS on next-gen consoles for a smoother hunting experience.

Animal Backfilling

Your favorite reserves are getting new residents with the Granite Update. Indeed, we’re backfilling previously-released maps with additional animals. Here’s the full list:

  • Ring Neck Pheasant – Hirschfelden , Cuatro Colinas

  • Merriam Turkey – Layton Lake

  • Gray Wolf, Capercaillie – Medved Taiga

  • Eurasian Wigeon – Vurhonga Savanna

  • Collared Peccary – Parque Fernando

  • Canada Goose – Yukon Valley

  • Mallard – Te Awaroa

  • Pronghorn – Rancho Del Arroyo

  • Green Wing Teal – Mississippi Acres

Have fun revisiting old favorites with these latest additions!

Animal Remastering

The Red Fox, Whitetail Deer, and Moose have received a visual rework with updated textures, furs, and models. The Moose is also receiving a full body rework, allowing for better animations!

New Weapon Customization System

Hunt in style with our new customization system, allowing you to tune your weapons’ look with your favorite paints, camos, wraps, and more! Head to the dedicated menu next time you’re at an outpost, and test them all till you find a winning combo that’s uniquely yours.

Next time you’ll boot the game, you’ll receive two customization items per reserve you own, plus two more if you’ve purchased New England Mountains. What’s more, you can get six additional items with our free Scout Pack – so make sure to grab it! And for the collectors, we’ve got the Veteran Pack, featuring seven exclusive cosmetic options.

We can’t wait to see how awesome you can make your weapons look!

Additional Features

  • The majestic Moose is now present as one of the extremely rare Great Ones.

  • We’ve implemented aggressive behavior for the Moose.

  • We’ve reworked the moose’s audio, including new aggressive calls and more variations for existing ones.

  • We’ve implemented a new design for the Need Zone info box on the map, which can now display multiple animals’ schedules.

  • The Harvest Screen has been updated with a Preview Mode.

  • A new Multi-Mount Trophy has been added for a Moose and a Bobwhite Quail called ‘Moosic to my ears’.

  • Button prompts will now properly show when placing portable structures.

  • We’ve added a Depth of Field toggle in the Graphics Settings on PC.

  • We’ve added the ability to place and remove waypoints by looking into the binoculars, as well as matching key binding settings.

  • We’ve added key binding settings for Zooming In and Zooming Out of the Scope/Binoculars.

Bug Fixes

And there’s more! The team has been hard at work fixing a number of bugs and improving performance. Here’s the full list:

  • Brought new stability improvements on Xbox.

  • Fixed a common crash on PS4 when skipping the intro cutscenes and entering the Main Menu.

  • Fixed an issue on console where vegetation appeared dithered when players viewed it from a short distance.

  • Fixed the issue in Hope #8 in Layton Lake. Players will now be able to complete it.

  • Fixed an issue where the glass lens was visible through some scopes, sights and binoculars.

  • The Rename prompt won’t appear in the Kennel Screen anymore if the player does not own a dog.

  • Removed the dropdown menus, price & Buy And Name Dog prompt from the Kennel Screen.

  • The Boomstick perk will now only work with double-barrel shotguns.

  • Fixed some instances where animals teleported while drinking in Silver Ridge Peaks.

  • Huntermate and indicators won’t appear anymore when players are in the Trophy Lodge.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the hammer of Colt .45 guns to automatically get cocked when manual chambering was on.

  • Fixed an issue allowing players to run into the lake in Rotonui in Te Awaroa.

  • Fixed an issue for the M1 IWANIEC weapon with GENZERO night vision where the scope’s reticle overlapped when aiming and shooting.

Alright, hunters! It’s almost time to dive into the beautiful forests of the New England Mountains. But before you go, here’s a couple more information you should know about before your next hunt:

Population Resets

There’s been a population reset for certain animals:

  • Moose in Layton, Medved, Yukon & Finland

  • Iberian Mouflon in Cuatro Colinas

  • Mountain Lions in Silver Ridge Peaks

Drink Time Changes

We’ve also updated the drinking times for specific animals:

  • Eurasian Lynx in Medved Taiga (3:00 – 6:00)

  • Bighorn Sheep in Rancho Del Arroyo (11:00 – 14:00)

  • Mountain Lions in Silver Ridge Peaks (00:00 – 3:00)

With that, you’re fully up to date on everything new in theHunter: Call of the Wild! We hope you’ll enjoy the New England Mountains Reserve, as well as all the improvements we’ve packed into the Granite Update. It was directly inspired by all the ideas, thoughts, and feedback you’re continuously sharing with us across our community channels. We appreciate your support, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of today’s update.

Happy hunting!

COTW Gameplay

theHunter: COTW is a hunting simulation video game in the game series theHunter. It was developed by Expansive Worlds and published by Avalanche Studios. It was released on February 16, 2017. Players can experience an immersive hunting experience in a realistic open world. Expansive Worlds released a total of thirteen hunting reserves for the game. Players can play this game as a first-person hunting game. The player must create a character to play the game on the game’s website. Social networking tools and messaging capabilities are available in the game, which allows players to connect and share in-game experiences. After completing the tutorial in the game players are free to hunt and activate missions. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.

COTW Patch Notes - FAQs

1. What is theHunter: COTW?

theHunter: COTW is a hunting simulation video game in the game series theHunter.

2. When was theHunter: COTW released?

theHunter: COTW was released on February 16, 2017.

3. What is the genre of theHunter: COTW?

The genre of the theHunter: COTW is simulation. 

4. What was the new update of theHunter: COTW about?

The new update of theHunter: COTW was about the Apex Hunter Community Competition.

5. What is the schedule of the competition series?

The competition series will be held between Tuesday 10th and Thursday 19th of January.

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