COD Mobile Season 11 - When is COD Mobile Season 11 Coming Out? Get COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks Here

Updated: Oct 12,2020 05:59 GMT

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COD Mobile Season 11 - When is cod mobile season 11 coming out? Call of Duty season 11 release date is nearing and the players can start the countdown from now. COD Mobile Season 11 will come with many exciting new features, enhancements and improvements. Well talking about the cod mobile season 11 release date, as per the COD Mobile Season 11 leaks Call of Duty Mobil Season 11 will roll out on 14th October at 5 PM PT. If you ate COD player and waiting for the call of duty mobile season 11 release date, then just a few days to go. cod mobile season 11 patch notes and COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks are given below in this article. Players can check the COD Mobile Season 11 information along with the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Release Date here.

COD Mobile Season 11

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile is all set to release soon. The new COD Mobile Season 11 is going to mark the first anniversary of Call of Duty Mobile. Season 11 as planned, will bring a host of new features, improvements, and enhancements. The Call of Duty Mobil Season 11 1st Anniversary is scheduled to roll out on October 14. 

Call of Duty: Mobile’s 1 Year Anniversary Season 11 starts on October 14 at 5PM PT, per a new Activision marketing email.

The new COD Mobile season is expected to have a lot of new content and surprises. Follow us @CoDMobileClips for updates.

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When is COD Mobile Season 11 Coming Out?

Many players are in search of when is cod mobile season 11 coming out. The best answer is the cod mobile season 11 will be rolled out on October 14 at 5 PM PT. Follow COD official twitter to for more updates on COD mobile season 11 release date.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks

There have been numerous COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, but a lot of details has not been released by the developers as they want to keep the functionality a surprise for users. Let's check out the leaked features

  • Tracer bullets

  • Alcatraz map

  • New scorestreak

  • Night-mode maps

COD Mobile Season 11 Patch Notes

New ranked mode series rewards

  • New epic blueprint: Kilo Bolt-Action - Dealer

  • New epic soldier: T.E.D.D. - Where To Sir?

  • New epic frame: Steeled Frame

  • New epic calling card: High Roller

  • New epic charm: Season 7

New events

Anniversary Event & Halloween Event: Stay Tuned!

New challenges and missions with new rewards

  • New Perk: TacticianNew base gun: NA45

  • Changes (MP mode)

  • New Featured Game Mode - Cranked Mode

  • Fight quick or die! Earn a "Cranked" bonus whenever you get a kill. Extend it by killing more. Failure to obtain a kill within the time limit will lead to exploration and death

  • Available on Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Cage, Rust, ShipmentPumpkin ConfirmedLimited time mode during Halloween. Stay tuned

  • New Map - KingAvailable for Gun Fight, Duel

  • Standoff-Halloween will return during Halloween. Stay tuned

New attachments

  • New gun perk for Fennec and MW11: Akimbo. Hold a weapon in each hand while ADS is no longer available

  • New attachment for AK-47: 5.45 Caliber Ammo. Greatly increase fire rate, good for close-range combat

  • New attachment for HVK30: Large Caliber Ammo. Increase damage to head and upper chest, good for mid-range combat


  • 10v10 TDM,10v10 DOM, Kill Confirmed and Capture the Flag will be available on more maps

  • Attack of the Undead: Increase the main weapon damage and HP limit of survivors after certain kills. Increase the HP limit and axe damage of undeads after certain kills

  • New Marker Setting

COD Mobile Season 11 - FAQ

1. When is COD Mobile Season 11 Coming Out?

COD Mobile Season 11 will be released on 14th October 2020.

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