Clash Royale Update Not Working: Find Out How To Fix It

Clash Royale update not working is something that many players seem to be facing at the moment. The new update came out recently, and many players cannot log into the game since its release. Read this article to get all the info on Clash Royale to update not working.

by Vishwesh Rajan P | Updated Oct 27, 2021

Clash Royale Update Not Working: Find Out How To Fix It
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Clash Royale Update not Working

Clash Royale released the Season 29, Champions update recently. The servers had gone under maintenance for it and are now back up. But many users are still finding it hard to get their game up and running. It is not clear if this is a problem on the developer or user end. Scroll down to learn more about why the game’s not working.

Clash Royale Maintenance Break.

The servers went down today, and the developers made sure to let everyone know through a tweet. The update seems to be over since they posted a new tweet announcing the start of Season 29. But many websites like are reporting that the services are down at the moment. There is no official word on the issue, but it seems to be widespread. Read on to learn more.

Is Clash Royale Down?

As of now, it seems like the game is down, but the server maintenance seems to be done. So if it is an issue on the developer’s end, there is nothing to do but wait until they sort out the issue. But it could also be due to you running an old version of the game. So go into settings and check if the auto-update feature is turned on for Clash Royale. If not, turn it on and try updating the game by launching it or download the update manually through the PlayStore.

Clash Royale Season 29 Patch Notes

Listed below are the entire patch note of the new update,

  • Level 14 added

  • Star Levels will unlock depending on the Card level:

    • Star Level 1 unlocks for Cards at level 7

    • Star Level 2 unlocks for Cards at level 10

    • Star Level 3 unlocks for Cards at level 13

  • Card upgrade costs reduction

    • Common 11->12 (-500) and 12->13 (-2000)

    • Rare 11->12 (-300) and 12->13 (-250)

    • Epic 10->11 (-10), 11->12 (-50), and 12->13 (-100)

    • Legendary 11->12 (-4) and 12->13 (-10)

    • All players will be awarded Cards that they’ve spent on previous upgrades for Level 11 (Epics only), 12, and 13 Cards.

  • Champions rarity added

    • Archer Queen

    • Golden Knight

    • Skeleton King

    • Champions will start from level 11 when you unlock them

    • Champions are so unique that you can only have one in your deck, and you can only have one deployed at any time!

  • We will have the Champions Update Gold Rush, where players can earn up to 200k GOLD from Battles, depending on your Arena level.

  • Gold Crates now unlock from KL 10

  • The Royal Wild Chest will contain Wild Cards, Gold and a GUARANTEED CHAMPION at KL 14.

  • Every time you upgrade your King, you will receive a Level Up Chest!

  • Tournament Cap increased to 11.

  • You will be able to use all the cards in the game to build your deck in Global Tournaments and Classic/Grand Challenges, even the one you haven’t unlocked yet.

  • You can now rearrange your cards’ order in your deck by holding down on them and move them around.

  • You can now copy your opponents’ decks directly from your battle log and TV Royale.


  • 120Hz device support.

  • Increased delay between Emote uses.

  • Increased “required trophies” number in clans to reflect the changes to Trophy Road.

  • Fix for TV Royale replays showing the incorrect Arena number.

  • Fix for unintended interaction with Goblin Drill and Clone.

  • Change Goblin Drill’s trail to make it more distinct from the Miner.

  • Fixed an issue with Replays becoming stuck.

  • Some UI fixes.

  • Fixed some crashes.

  • Other minor improvements.

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Clash Royale Update Not Working: FAQ

1. When was Clash Royale released?

The game was released in 2016.

2. Who are the developers of Clash Royale?

The game is developed by Supercell.

3. On what platforms is the game available?

The game is available on iOS and Android.

4. What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a card-based real-time strategy video game.

5. Is Clash Royale free to play?

Yes, the game is free.

6. Does Clash Royale have custom lobbies?

Yes, the game has Custom Lobbies.

7. What is the name of the new season of Clash Royale?

The new season is called Champions.

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