Chase Stokes Girlfriend 2022, Is Chase Stokes And Madi Dating?

Chase Stokes Girlfriend 2022: Chase Stokes is an American actor best known for his appearance in the show Outer Banks. Chase Stokes was dating his co-star Madelyn for a while but they split so fans want to know Chase Stokes Girlfriend 2022. To know more about Chase Stokes and Chase Stokes Girlfriend 2022, just keep reading.   

by Atirya Shyamsundar | Updated Apr 15, 2022

Chase Stokes Girlfriend 2022, Is Chase Stokes And Madi Dating?
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Chase Stokes Girlfriend 2022

There have been many rumours that Chase Stokes is back together with co-star Madelyn Cline again. The couple first announced that they were together after months of speciation in June 2020. The couple have had great on screen chemistry and that made the audience more excited for their actual relationship. They have spoken about their experience on set multiple times. Madelyn said that the writers took into consideration what the actors thought their characters would do. Then finally around October 2021, they were not seen out together anymore and they announced that they had split. 

Is Chase Stokes And Madi Dating?

Fans started wondering if they had got back together after they were spotted together. They were seen together after they split in November 2021. The very next month (December 2021) Chase gushed over his former girlfriend and co star saying, “She's one of my favorite people on planet Earth. You know, it's super awesome to work with somebody that you care about that much, and yeah, I'll leave it at that." He said they were still in touch. 

What Is Chase Stokes Net Worth?

James Chase Stokes best known as Chase Stokes is an American Actor. He is best known for acting in the show Outer Banks. His net worth is currently estimated to be around 650,000 USD. Chase Stokes was born on the 16th of September in 1992. His parents divorced when he was still a baby and he moved to Atlanta with his mother. He wanted to be a professional ice hockey player when he was younger. He announced that he was dating co-star Madelyn Cline in 2020. The couple split in October 2021. 


Chase Stokes Siblings

Chase Stokes does not have any siblings of his own, but he does have a lot of step siblings. He is the eldest of six children. He has two step siblings from his father’s marriage named Kaden and Kendall Stokes. He also has three other siblings named Evan Walker, Rylie Walker and Griffin Walker. There is not much information available on the other siblings. There are no images available for the walkers. When more information becomes available, just keep reading. 

Kaden and Kendall Stokes with Chase Stokes


Image Source: Wikibio

Griffin Stokes


Image Source: Central Recorder

Chase Stokes Sister

Chase Stokes has a step-sister named Kendall Stokes from his father’s second marriage. He also has a sibling named Rylie Walker. His father Jeff Stokes is the president of STRIDE Franchise LLC and his mother is Jennifer Canning. He was raised by his mother, she loaned him 100 USD for his Netflix audition. His father remarried after his divorce, he married Nicki Osterman Stokes. The following is Rylie Stokes Instagram. 

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