Brain Teaser: 4x4=20, 5x5=30, 6x6=42, 7x7=56, What Is 9x9=?

Brain Teaser: 4x4=20, 5x5=30, 6x6=42, 7x7=56, What Is 9x9=? It can be solved only if you have a sharp mind with a penchant for solving puzzles. You can solve this picture equation with logical reasoning. Let us find out if we can solve this brain teaser.

by N Keerthana | Updated Jan 14, 2023

Brain Teaser: 4x4=20, 5x5=30, 6x6=42, 7x7=56, What Is 9x9=?

Logical-Mathematical Puzzle

A logical puzzle is a problem that can be solved through deductive reasoning. Our page will give you a summary of the types of logical-mathematical puzzles that one might come across and the problem-solving techniques used to solve them.

Math puzzles are one of the best and oldest ways to encourage student engagement. Brain teasers, logic puzzles, and math riddles give students challenges that encourage problem-solving and logical thinking. They can be used in classroom gamification to inspire students to tackle problems they might have previously seen as too difficult.

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Brain Teaser: 4x4=20, 5x5=30, 6x6=42, 7x7=56, What Is 9x9=?

Mathematical Puzzles should be solved using division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. It explains how to respond to a mathematical phrase in the right sequence. The complexity of many brain puzzles is due in large part to intuitive human error.

The most frequent instances of this are conditional probability-based puzzles since the typical human mind tends to Consider absolute probabilities. Brain Teaser: 4x4=20, 5x5=30, 6x6=42, 7x7=56, What Is 9x9=? is One of the most recent puzzles on social media has many people scratching their heads.

Mathematical Puzzles are fun puzzles that require mental effort to complete. Brain teasers and math puzzles both force you to think creatively and fully utilize your mental abilities. As a result, healthy discussions surround these topics. You must have used the maths rule in school to solve a number of mathematical expressions and problems. The same is applicable in this case as well.

The satisfaction of correctly resolving the equation also has no comparison. Surely not? Recently, an online math puzzle surfaced that has been trending on social media for a few days. Others immediately came up with the solution using the math rule they had learned in school while some struggled to determine the proper response.

But if you did not get the answer, we have supplied the answer for this brain teaser in the section below.

Let us first have a look at what this puzzle is.


Image source: Fresherslive

Brain Teaser: 4x4=20, 5x5=30, 6x6=42, 7x7=56, What Is 9x9=? - Solution

Now that you know what this brain teaser is all about try finding the answer and solving this. There is a hidden solution here, and if you find the step you need to get the answer then solving this brain teaser becomes easy. But if you could not identify the answer, we have the answer for you.

If you are still trying to get the answer, we have the answer to this mathematical puzzle. This brain teaser is a great way to test your observation skills and how sharp you are. If you still haven't gotten the answer, the picture given below will make you understand this solution better.

Here is the step-by-step explanation for this mathematical puzzle,






Step 1: 4x4=20,  4+42 =20

Step 2:  5x5=30,  5+52=30

Step 3: 6x6=42,  6+62=42

Step 4: 7x7=56,  7+72=56

Step 5: 9x9=?  9+92


So the answer is 90.


This brain teaser aims to make you analyze this Maths puzzle, identify the problem/ solution, and quickly arrive at an answer in the stipulated time given above. You can quickly solve this Maths puzzle with lateral thinking within the required time. We have more brain teasers for you to test observation skills and improve your intelligence quotient.

Image source: Fresherslive

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Brain Teaser: 4x4=20, 5x5=30, 6x6=42, 7x7=56, What Is 9x9=? - FAQ

1. What are Brain Teasers?                      

A brain teaser is an exciting form of a puzzle that needs thinking to solve.

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