Borderlands 3 version 1.16 - Check the details, Borderlands 3 Version 1.16 Patch Notes,General Specifications

Updated: Sep 12,2020 11:58 GMT

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Borderlands 3 version 1.16 is one of the most trending games right now. The gaming fans are quite excited about the release of Borderlands 3 version 1.16. It is a role-playing game, full of action. The game can be played solo or with friends. The graphics of the game have always been appreciated.  A new hotfix update for Borderlands 3 has been released today. Borderlands 3 Update 1.16 can now be downloaded and set up. Check the article to know borderlands patch notes and borderlands 3 update 1.16.  The version has many new specifications for the customers to enjoy the gaming experience.Check all the details and the specifications in this page.

Borderlands 3 version 1.16

 Borderlands 3 version 1.16 is a an action-packed game. The players can either playalone or in parties of up to four people. The game has been modified and updated for better gaming experience. Being a franchise of the successful game series Borderlands, the gaming fans cannot wait for the release of Borderlands 3 version 1.16. The launch date has been scheduled on 10th September 2020 but no official announcements have been made on the launch time. Check the updates and the specifications of borderlands 3 version 1.16 here.

 What are Borderlands 3 version 1.16 update?

  • Added assistance for Borderlands 3’s forth campaign add-on: Psycho Krieg and the Great Fustercluck
  • The level cap has been increased by 5 levels to 65.

What are Borderlands 3 patch notes?

  • 2 more ammunition SDU upgrades have been incorporated for handguns, shotguns, submachine weapons, attack rifles, and grenades and 2 growth SDU upgrades for the Lost Loot machine on Sanctuary III

  • A documented issue  has been resolved where the “Refill Ammo” trigger would continue for customers in a multiplayer session
  • Player class icons will now be displayed and reperesented with profile photos for Steam and Epic Games Store PC cross-platform players.
  • Players will now have a chance to redeem themselves in Defend Your Life when Slayer is active and they have actually eliminated an enemy with melee
  • Mayhem modifiers will no longer change when players join through matchmaking
  • Mayhem damage scaling assistance has been involved along the shields with Nova.
  • The Beastmaster’s Friend-Bot class mod now increases animal damage
  • The Gunner’s Drowning in Brass passive skill employs bonus damage to both the weapons of of Iron Bear.

borderlands 3 version 1.16

1. When will borderlands 3 version 1.16 release?

borderlands 3 version 1.16 will be released on 10th September,2020

2. Has there been any upgradation of levels in borderlands 3 version 1.16?

There has been an upgradation of levels in borderlands 3 version 1.16. the level cap has been increased from 5 to 65.

3. What sort of an action game is borderlands 3 version 1.16?

borderlands 3 version 1.16 is a role-playing action game where you can play alone or form a team of four members with your friends.

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