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Bodoland Lottery Result Today 16.04.2021 Check 12 PM 3 PM 7 PM Assam State Lottery

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 16.04.2021 is out now at bodolotteries.com. Want to know Assam State Lottery Results online Today? Check Here Bodoland Lottery Sheet Result Live at 12 PM, 3 PM and 7 PM Results Direct Link. Bodoland Lottery Results Singam Kuil, Rosa Deer, Thangam Nallaneram, Kumaran Vishnu, Swarnalaxmi, Stay Tuned and get all Latest upcoming Assam Bodoland Lottery Result, Bodoland Lottery Result Live

by Anburani | Updated Apr 16, 2021 10:27 AM

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 16.04.2021 Check 12 PM 3 PM 7 PM Assam State Lottery

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 16.04.2021 3 PM

Lottery Name Singam Kuil Orange Friday
Draw Code 78
Result Date 16.04.2021
Result Timings 3 PM
First Prize Amount Rs.1,00,000/-
3 PM Result Click Here 
Result Status Published 

What is the Bodoland lottery?

Bodoland Lottery is the most famous lottery in Assam. The majority of people from Assam play and get benefitted from the Prize Money of this Bodoland Lottery. Apart from other lotteries in Assam Bodoland Lottery is also played predominantly by many people in Assam. Are you puzzling about Where To Check The Bodoland Lottery Results Everyday? Don’t worry here we will give you frequent updates on the Bodoland Lottery Results Today. We will update you with the Bodoland Lottery Results Everyday for the people to know Who Is The Winner Of Bodoland Lottery Today. Proceed Further reading to know Bodoland Lottery Result For Today 13 April 2021 and also get the Bodoland Lottery Previous Results for the reference

How Is The Bodoland Lottery Conducted?

The Bodoland Lottery is the most phenomenal form of lottery games played by the most people in Assam. The Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat conducts the Bodoland lottery after its legalization in specific regions and states in India. To play or conduct the Lottery Games in India, the Legalised permission from the Government has to be acquired by the Government to conduct the Lottery Games without any issues. Apart from the concept of Assam Lotteries the Bodoland Lottery has different sets of games which were conducted in two different time slots. The Lottery Games of Bodoland Lottery are held in Morning and in the afternoon. 

How to play/participate in the Bodoland Lottery?

To participate in the Bodoland Lottery we have to collect the lottery number first. Then wait for the result which will be announced officially and if the participant is lucky then definitely they will get a chance to win the Bodoland Lottery.

What is the Prize Value for the Bodoland Lottery?

As we all know that the Bodoland Lottery was played by the majority of people in Assam. These Lotteries are played with lots of expectations to win the prize amount of the Lottery. Thus the Price Details about the Bodoland Lottery is given below. Continue reading to know the details about the Bodoland Lottery Prize Amount Details. 

Prize Amount
1st Prize Rs. 1,00,000
2nd Prize Rs. 7,000
3rd Prize Rs. 3,500
4th Prize Rs. 200
5th Prize Rs. 100
6th Prize Rs. 50

What are the types of Bodoland Lottery for Wednesday?

There are several Bodoland Lottery for Wednesday, and those types are listed below.

Red Wednesday Bodoland Lottery Series

  1. Singham

  2. Kuil

Pearl Wednesday Bodoland Lottery Series

  1. Rosa

  2. Deer

Fortune Wednesday Bodoland Lottery Series

  1. Thangam

  2. Nallaneram

Star Wednesday Bodoland Lottery Series

  1. Kumaran

  2. Vishnu

Emerald Wednesday Bodoland Lottery Series

  1. Swaranalaxmi 

How is Bodoland Lottery prize amounts compared to Assam?

Assam and Bodoland both draw separate lotteries. Bodoland Lotteries individual prize amounts are lower than individual Assam winning amounts. Bodoland is a popular lottery, and lots of people try their luck. The lottery winners can claim their prize money through Kokrajhar-based Bodoland Territorial Council. They must submit their original ticket within 30 days of the declaration of the result.

Where to get Bodoland Lottery Result Apk?

If you want to get the results of Bodoland lottery apk then you have to go to the play store where you can get the Bodoland lottery apk. Get the Bodoland lottery result 14.2 2019, bhutan thangam lottery result, bodoland lotteries result php, assam kuil 20 lottery results today, bodoland lottery winning tips, bodoland lottery outcome today please, bhutan dhanasree lottery result. The word 'Assam' as some scholars perceive comes from the Sanskrit word Asoma meaning peerless or unparalleled. But the widely accepted opinion of today's tutorial circles is that the term comes from the Ahoms first name, who ruled the land about 600 years before British annexed it.

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How to Check Bodoland Lottery Result Online?

To check the Bodoland lottery results, you have to follow the steps given below. 

  • Go to the official website of Bodoland Lottery.

  • In the home page, click on the Results option. 

  • Select the date.  

  • Select a time.

  • Now click a file type in which you want to download the results. 

  • Click download and download the Bodoland lottery results. 

  • You will now be able to verify your ticket number with the results.

How to Check Old Bodoland Lottery Results?

To check Bodoland Lottery old results, you will have to follow the steps given below. 

  • Go to Bodoland Lottery's official website.

  • Click on the results tab. 

  • Select a date in which you want to know the result. 

  • Select a time. 

  • Click a file type in which you want to download the results in. 

  • Click download. 

  • The results will now be downloaded. 

How to Make Money with Bodoland Lottery?

The Bodoland lottery tickets cost only around Rs.2. A lot of people try their luck in Bodoland Lottery to become rich. However, the players should know that there is no proven technique to win the Bodoland lottery. Bodoland lottery has many lotteries including Rosa Deer Diamond, Singam Kull White, Kumaran Vishnu Wave, Thangam Nallaneram Skill, and Swarnalaxmi Gold. Given that there is no proven method to win the lottery, the players should be aware of the pros and cons of the lottery. They should not fall for any scams in the name of winning the lottery. 

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Bodoland Lottery Result - FAQs

1. What is Bodoland Lottery?

Bodoland region has a different collection of lottery games apart from Assam lotteries, which are scheduled for two-time slots, evening and afternoon. The Secretariat of the Bodoland Territorial Council operates the Bodoland lottery in different regions and states in India, following its legalization. Otherwise, there are only 13 states in India that play lottery games.