Black Clover 338 Spoilers, Check Out Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans, Leaks, Release Date Here

Black Clover 338 Spoilers - Manga reader who loves Black Clover would now be dying to know what would happen in Black Clover Chapter 338 Spoiler as Black Clover Chapter 338 was left with one of the best cliffhangers in the manga series and created considerable excitement among the reader. So in this article, we’ll learn more about Black Clover 338 Spoilers, its release date, raw scans, leaks, etc.

by Sai Priyadharshini | Updated Sep 21, 2022

Black Clover 338 Spoilers, Check Out Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scans, Leaks, Release Date Here
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Black Clover Manga

Yuki Tabata is the writer and illustrator of the Japanese comic sequel Black Clover. Since February 2015, it has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shnen Jump magazine, with chapters collected in 31 tankōbon volumes as of January 2022. Our protagonist, Asta, is at the centre of the plot. For those who don't know, Asta is a young orphan who was abandoned and raised in an orphanage with Yuno, the series' deuteragonist. In the realm of Mana, where magic is everything, Asta was born without any magic, whereas Yuno was bestowed with a high degree of Manga. Although they are all born with the capacity to employ Mana as a magical force, Asta stands apart due to his emphasis on physical form. Yuno, on the other hand, was a kid prodigy with remarkable magical talents. He can control the wind's magic. The two teens formed a friendly rivalry based on their desire to become the next Wizard King.

Black Clover 338 Spoilers

Asta is anxious as the chapter opens about going back home. Ryuya shows him around the palace while reassuring him that Lucius won't be acting any time soon. He also tells Asta that the Wizard King of Clover was comparable to the Shogun of Hino Country. The main character then discovers a regional delicacy that makes him think of Hage and Sister Lily. Ryuuya guides the bystanders out of harm's way when a few robbers suddenly attack the market, prompting Asta to wonder if he can anticipate the future with his all-seeing eye. Asta observes that he cannot sense any power in the Shogun's Ki as the bandits begin to disparage him as weak. When the guard woman stands up to defend him, Ryuuya acknowledges that he is magic-less. Asta is shocked by the woman's powerful Ki as she employs an odd type of magic to defeat all the offenders. She is known as Ichika by the shogun, and the populace lauds her as the first of the seven dragons (roughly translated from the raw scans). Her other nicknames include "Yami-Dono" and "mistress Yami." The Shogun explains that Yami Ichika is the younger sister of Captain Yami Sukehiro. Asta must learn from Ichika and the seven dragons if he wants to gain a power-up. Although Ryuya may favor the foreigner, the girl is pretty dubious and states unequivocally that she dislikes individuals like him.

Black Clover 338 Spoilers Release Date and Time    

From Manga Plus, it is known that Black Clover chapter 338 was officially released online on September 18, that is Monday, at the following international times:

Timezone  Timing 
Pacific Time 8:00 AM
Central Time  10:00 AM 
Eastern Time 11:00 AM
British Time 4:00 PM 
European Time 5:00 PM
Indian Time 8:30 PM 
Philippine Time 11:00 PM
Australian Central Daylight Time 00:30 AM

Black Clover Chapter 338 Raw Scand And Leaks

There is additional information about Ryuuya and his relationship with Yami in Black Clover chapter 338. Expect a montage of flashbacks focusing on the government system in the country of Hino and its role in international issues. The chapter might also provide further information about the widespread fan theory that Ryuuya and Yami are related by blood. The Black Bulls have decided to search for Asta, but they have no chance of finding him without using a powerful spatial spell. Readers assumed that Noelle and Nero might have a solo training phase in the following chapter because they were noticeably absent from the meeting. Black Clover chapter 338 can also reveal Asta's training in Hino Country and whether or not he receives any advice from Ryuuya in this regard. The enigmatic swordswoman's identity is still a mystery. Given her response to the Shogun's mocking remarks about the Black Bulls' Captain, readers have begun to make assumptions about her relationship with Yami.

Black Clover Chapter 337 Recap

Black Clover chapter 337 will probably centre on Yuno's conflict with Lucius Zogratis after his awaited homecoming. This chapter will move into better particulars about Asta and the area where he has washed up. The chapter might also reveal which of Lucius' three new Paladins they are. The identity of the strange man who showed up next to Asta's lifeless body has given rise to several ideas. The significance of this character to Asta and the plot may determine how the conflict develops. Additionally, Black Clover chapter 337 might reveal Noelle's growth as well, as Asta and Yuno set out on their paths to greatness.


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Black Clover 338 Spoilers - FAQs

1.  Why did Black Clover stop?  

The Black Clover Anime is ending due to lack of content to adapt, It hasn't been “Cancelled” altogether where we will never see a new episode, it was most likely put on hold. What I mean by lack of content is that the Black Clover Anime is only a few chapters behind the Manga.

2.  Will there be a Black Clover movie?  

It has been officially confirmed that the Black Clover movie will release in Japan in 2023.

3.  Who is Asta father? 

Asta is a descendant of Tetia and Licht. Somehow, the child of Tetia and Licht survived had kids, and the bloodline passed and eventually, led us to Asta. Alternately, he is the reincarnation of their child.

4. Who is the most powerful demon in Black Clover?  

Megicula is the most powerful demon in Black Clover

5. What is the strongest group in Black Clover?  

The Golden Dawn Knights are the strongest squad in Black Clover.

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