Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Nomination - Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Elimination Nomination List for this Week

Updated January 16, 2021

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Niranjani Jesentha K

Bigg Boss 4 Nominations - The Bigg Boss 4 has started on 6 September and the nomination for the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has already started. The bigg boss 4 nomination list for the first week is given here and you can vote for your favourite contestant to help them from elimination. Here in this article we have given the Bigg Boss elimination list, Bigg Boss 4 Telugu contestants list, Bigg Boss 4 Telugu nominations details. Start voting your favourite Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant now.

Bigg Boss 4 Nominations

When it came to certain pairs there were little disagreements. Gangavva has been sent out of the boat considering her age and health. The first week Noel Sean was confident that he would be saved and got off the boat. He was the second contestant in the Nomination list.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Elimination

All contestants will have to get into the boat that was set up in the garden area this week. The contestants have to discuss between themselves and after each buzzer one contestant has to get off the boat. Check the Bigg Boss 4 Nominations list below.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Contestants List

  • Monal Gajjar

  • Surya Kiran

  • Lasya

  • Abijeet

  • Jordar Sujatha

  • Mehaboob Dilse

  • Devi Nagavalli

  • Dethadi Harika

  • Syed Sohel Ryan

  • Ariyana Glory

  • Amma Rajasekhar

  • Karate Kalyani

  • Noel Sean

  • Divi Vadthya

  • Akhil Sarthak

  • Gangavva

Bigg Boss Elimination List

The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 was started on 6th September. The nomination process for the elimination will take place on Monday and Bigg Boss Elimination List is given below. 

  • Abhijeet

  • Harika

  • Monal

  • Ariyana

  • Sohel

Bigg Boss 4 Nominations - FAQs

1. How many contestants entered Bigg Boss 4?

A total of 16 contestants entered Bigg Boss 4 Telugu.

2. Who are in the Bigg Boss Elimination List?

The contestants included in the Bigg Boss Elimination List for this week are as follows.

  • Abhijeet

  • Harika

  • Monal

  • Ariyana

  • Sohel

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