Big Sweep Result: Check Singapore Big Sweep Result Today 03 January 2021, Singapore Pools Draw Time, Prize

by Rajammal D | Updated January 25, 2021

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Big Sweep Result - Find the latest Singapore Big Sweep result, Singapore Pools Big Sweep prizes, Singapore Sweep Result today. The Big Sweep is a widely played lottery game in Singapore so it's called Singapore Big Sweep. The Singapore Big Sweep Draw will take place each month. Once the draw is announced, players can get the Big Sweep Result. To know more about Singaporepools Big Sweep result, big sweep result today 2021, prizes, how to play Big Sweep Lottery, refer to the article below.

Big Sweep Result 03 January 2021

Big Sweep Result Today 03 January 2021
1st Prize 4413429
2nd Prize 6765976
3rd Prize 2916074

Big Sweep Result 13th December 2020

Big Sweep Result Today 13th December 2020
1st Prize 2407483
2nd Prize 4404918
3rd Prize 2667921

Big Sweep Result 22nd November 2020

Big Sweep Result Today 22nd November 2020
1st Prize 5585246
2nd Prize 4380050
3rd Prize 2008890

Big Sweep Result 4th November 2020

Big Sweep Result Today 4th November 2020
1st Prize 2009405
2nd Prize 4396941
3rd Prize 1711742

Big Sweep Result 7th October 2020

Big Sweep Result

One of the popular and widely recognised lottery draws played in Singapore is the Big Sweep lottery. The Big Sweep helps players to bag the sum of the jackpot and become a millionaire. On Wednesdays, the Big Sweep lottery is played. It is also known as Sweep Singapore. Each week, however, the Big Sweep lottery does not take place. Each month, the Big Sweep lottery takes place. On February 5, 2020, the last Major Sweep lottery took place.

Singapore Big Sweep Result Prizes

Singapore Big Sweep Prizes
10 Jackpot Prizes $10,000 each
10 Lucky Prizes $5,000 each
30 Gift Prizes 3,000 each
30 Consolation Prizes 2,000 each
50 Participation Prizes  $1,000 each
315,000 2D Delight Prizes $6 each

Singapore Pools Big Sweep

If you want to play in Singapore's upcoming Big Sweep lottery draw, then you can do so by getting your hands on the tickets for the lottery. By going to the nearest approved lottery ticket seller, you can do the same. All the licenced retailers eligible to sell the Big Sweep tickets have been published on the official website.

Singapore Pools Big Sweep Result

The Singapore Sweep Draw is held at 6:30 PM every first Wednesday of each month. After the draw result announcement, the new Singapore Sweep results are released immediately.

How to play Big Sweep Lottery?

  • If you want to play the Singapore Sweep Major Sweep, then you need to select a number ranging from 1000000 to 4499999

  • You can put your bet on the number for a mere sum of $3, including GST, once you do so

  • The Singapore Big Sweep draw takes place at 06:30 pm SGT

  • A total of 133 sets of winning numbers will be drawn by the organisers

  • In addition, to decide the winner, almost nine sets of two-digit winning numbers are drawn as well

Big Sweep Result - FAQ

1. When does the Big Sweep Draw take place?

Big Sweep Draw will take place at every Wednesday of each month.

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