Better Discord Not Working 2022, Why Is My Better Discord Not Working?

Better Discord Not Working 2022: For a few days now, gamers from discord and other gaming community have shared their issues regarding Better Discord Not Working 2022. So, in this article, we have compiled the possible fixes for Better Discord Not Working 2022. With that being said, let’s begin with the possible fixes for Better Discord Not Working 2022.

by Fredrick | Updated Sep 27, 2022

Better Discord Not Working 2022, Why Is My Better Discord Not Working?
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Better Discord Not Working 2022

Discord is a social media and communication-sharing forum that has been loved by gamers and others who love to communicate with their dear ones. After all, a game is set to boost indescribable happiness for the gamer, right? Sadly the gaming and social media platform discord is now having issues with its loading, and many gamers have reported this game is not working for them. However, the solution for My Better Discord Not Working is finally here. If you are experience the same issue, don’t worry. We have covered the possible fix in the upcoming passages, have a good read. 

Why Is My Better Discord Not Working?

Try Re-installing Discord

  • In order to re-install Discord, you need to comply with these steps;

  • Try by opening the Run prompt, or else you can trigger it by pressing the Win+R key.

  • Now go ahead and type cpl and press Enter.

  • Once done with that, a list of installed applications will be shown.

  • Now find Discord and try to right-click on it.

In order to delete the Discord AppData and Local AppData, try following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press (Win+R) on your motherboard.

  • Now, type %appdata% in your run prompt and press Enter.

  • Now head to the AppData folder to delete it.

  • Now open the Run prompt again.

  • Now head to type %localappdata% n the run prompt, locate the LocalAppData and proceed to delete it.

Try Re-installing Better Discord

  • Try to download the Better Discord installer and try to launch it.

  • Now select the available download link which matches your Operating system.

  • Now head to choose Uninstall BandageBD from the options available.

  • Now head to the Remove option from the Stable box.

  • Now select uninstall, and wait for the process to finish.

Try Logging Out And Login To Discord

  • Head to Settings and open User Settings

  • Now select Log out, which is present in the left pane.

  • After you’re done logging out of your account, try to close the discord application.

  • Once doing that, head to restart and try signing in again to your Discord account.

Try Removing Custom Themes And Plugins

  • Head to the settings which appear on a (Gear icon) under the User Settings.

  • Now select Plugins or Themes, which is present in your left pane under the section BandagedBD.

  • Now click on Open Plugin Folder or try to browse Open Theme Folder.

  • Now delete the plugins or the theme files present in the specific folder. You can try to relocate temporarily.

Try Repairing Better Discord

  • To do so, you are required to download and launch the BandageBD installer.

  • After accepting the general Terms and conditions, head to choose “Repair.”

  • Now select a fit issue that is bothering you.

  • Now click on the Repair option and proceed with the process.

  • Once doing that, you need to restart ad refresh Discord.

Try Removing bdstorage.json File

The steps to temporarily remove bdstorage.json File from your pc are mentioned here;

  • On your PC, browse to C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingBetterDiscord, which is present in your file explorer.

  • When you find bdstorage.json (Ctrl+X) to cut the File.

  • Now paste using (Ctrl+V) in another location.

Try Changing The Language

  • Head to Settings and tap User Settings.

  • Now head to Language on the left pane under App Settings.

  • Try selecting a different language from the visible options.

  • Now restart the discord application and see if the issues are fixed or not.

What Is A Discord Server?

Discord servers are real-time internet chat groups that allow users to communicate with one another. Servers can be either public or private and can be used for anything from gaming to discussion boards to project interaction. Discord servers have the benefit of being accessible from any device with a web browser, making them handy to use on the road. They also include capabilities like audio and video chat, rich media support, and dynamic server roles, which provide consumers with more control over their experience. Think about joining a Discord server if you want to interact with friends or coworkers via the internet. There are servers for almost every hobby and function, so you'll be able to locate one that meets your requirements.


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Why Is My Better Discord Not Working?

For a few days now, Gamers and people who communicate through Discord have been under pressure that Better Discord is not connecting well with them. So, you might wonder if there are any such fixes to avoid this issue. Well, we have added the suitable and most possible fixes for this issue. We have added the possible fixes to eradicate this issue. So please be mindful to refer to the above-mentioned passages.

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Better Discord Not Working 2022 - FAQs

1. Discord Xbox Game Pass Code Not Working Why?

The issue is from the Discord side.

2. What is Discord Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is generally a subscription service for video games developed by Microsoft. Xbox Game pass is much related to PC Games pass, a subscription service for video games.

3. How To Redeem Xbox Game Pass Code?
  • Go to the official
  • Now sign in to your Microsoft Account(Only if you are not signed in already)
  • Now, enter the 25-character code from the discord gift inventory and press Next.
  • Now select a payment method, or else try entering your payment info directly.
4. What is Discord?

Discord is a platform for voice-over IP, instant messaging, and digital distribution. It allows the users to communicate with others by voice messages, video calls, and text messages via communities called Server.

5. Is Discord harmful to PC?

As with most social apps, Discord can also be a source of malware.

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