Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android - Check Out Your Favourite Horror And Racing Games

Updated: Oct 16,2020 12:03 GMT

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Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android - Do you play games day and night. Are you addicted to games? If you are bored playing those regular games and are looking for some exciting, thrilling and adventurous fun, then we are here to help you out with the top 5 best games. Take a glimpse at Best Multiplayer Games Android, Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android To Play With Friends, Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android, Best Multiplayer Phone Games and Best Multiplayer Racing Games For Android.

Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android

There are thousands of game available online which can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. Play games from the comfort of your home with friends and family or with your online game friends. So, we have picked three best online multiplayer games for Android :

1. PUBG Mobile

We're certain you've known about PUBG Mobile, and we're not shocked. Since its launch, PUBG has created a large number of downloads on the Play Store. It has been consistently holding the top situation for the best versatile game.

First of all, you drop off on an island alongside 99 different players playing progressively with you. The objective is to stay in the game till the last to win the celebrated Chicken Dinner. The zone around which you play decreases gradually, with the goal that all the players can target and attack each other.

2. Critical Ops

Basic Ops is one of the most famous first-individual shooter games. In this game, there are three modes – Deathmatch, Defuse, and Gun Game. In the deathmatch, groups continue battling each other till the clock runs out. The group with most executes win. 

In this game, each murder accounts towards advancing through every one of the 15 weapons. In Defuse, the Breach's group will probably plant the bomb and protect it, while the Coalition group attempts to stop them. The round finishes when the bomb is defused. The player who completes the last level first dominates the match. 

3. Fortnite

Fortnite is another Battle Royale game. Fortnite was developed and launched on a similar idea as that of PUBG, but it has numerous things dissimilar to it. You can destroy and shoot the enemies to protect yourself.

Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android

Not just adventurous, but we also have a few good options for playing ghostly and spooky games. Check out if you can try those games.

1. Horrorfield

All activities happen in a spooky refuge with beasts showing up from the corner, frightening you. Many mantraps are set at each st. If you scream, it will attract the main monster - Devil.

You can choose from 7 survivor characters: Basketball Player, Doctor, Engineer, Thief, Mercenary, Scientist, Police Officer. Every one of them has selective capacities and unique jobs. For instance, a Doctor can recuperate himself; an Engineer can fix generators, a Police Officer can get the killer. If you choose to create horror and scare others, then you can select the murder characters.You will have A Butcher, Monster, Ghost, and Cultist. Individually every killer has his role. The ghost can go through the walls and scare the survivors to death. Also, the Monster can transform into the werewolf, and so on. 

2. Slender Man Hide & Seek Multiplayer Free

Slim Man Hide and Seek is a scary multiplayer game with students against a Slender man's main situation. Play with your companions, picking which character you will take. The objective is to discover this current Slandersman's dolls amulets that are set in chests and to demolish them. The Slender man's objective is to get all students before they have crushed all special amulets. Abrupt terrifying sounds will make a scary environment. If you are playing for a student, do whatever it takes not to be seen by a  Slender man who can easily find you out and kill you. If you are playing for a Slender man, try to catch all the students, because each destroyed doll will reduce your life.

3. Dead By Daylight Mobile

This is an exciting multiplayer horror game where you can play up to five people together – one of your friends is a killer and haunting the rest four friends. The task of others is to hide well and to defeat the killer. Here you will find scary surprises. The plot of the game is based on the classic hide-and-seek story. In the Dead by Daylight, you will find your favourite characters of this game series: Mike Meyers, Amanda Young, Ghost Face, and other classic characters from the most famous horror movies. At the beginning of the game, you can either choose who is going to be the killer and who the survivor manually or you can select randomly. Choose the powers of the characters and customize the clothes, accessories, and makeup.

Best Multiplayer Racing Games For Android

Most of us have grown plying racing games. The first to go and evergreen games for all are the racing games. Here we have a list of a few racing games.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

 The first game from the establishment came in November 2004 and the eighth release, Black-top Airborne, crossed the records set by the franchise. The game created by Gameloft has two modes. The first is the vocation mode where the player needs to experience different occasions to complete the game, and the subsequent mode is the place players can enjoy an Online Multiplayer mode to expand the game level. The visuals, in-game sounds, and the gameplay are at the top.

2. F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile is one of the most famous racing games on the Android stage. The game depends on the topic of F1 races. Codemasters Software Company creates it. The game has two modes. A vocation mode for the completion of the game and another multiplayer mode where you can challenge one of your companions to finish the laps before you.

3. Asphalt Xtreme

Black-top Xtreme is a trendy street game on the rundown. Gameloft created the game. There are different tracks to build up skills. The game has got variety with regards to vehicles. From SUVs to carts, such a rough terrain vehicle is accessible. The game has a vocation mode where one needs to finish different events. It is an 8 player game, where the players can fight at a time. It has excellent graphics and sound effects.

Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android - FAQ

1. From where can the players download the online multiplayer games on Android?

Players can download the game from Google Play Store.

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