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  3. Bengaluru police open fire at history sheeters Psycho Vishwa, Bonda Manja

Bengaluru police open fire at history sheeters Psycho Vishwa, Bonda Manja - Bengaluru News

Bengaluru, Nov 18 (IANS) Bengaluru police opened fire at two rowdy history sheeters - Psycho Vishwa and Bonda Manja - in two separate incidents to immobilise and arrest them early on Wednesday morning.

Updated Nov 18, 2020 15:12 PM

Bengaluru police open fire at history sheeters Psycho Vishwa, Bonda Manja - Bengaluru News

The police claimed that both rowdy history sheeters were wanted in nearly 36 cases separately registered in various police limits in Bengaluru.

According to Vijayanagara sub-division police in Bengaluru, Vishwanath aka Psycho Vishwa aka Vishwa is a very notorious rowdy element who operates in Saddaguntepalya and neighbouring areas. "He got his nickname Psycho, because of his anger management issues. He gets angry for no reason and does not hesitate to commit a murder for no reason," the police said.

According to the police, Vishwa is wanted in nearly dozen cases related to murder and attempt to murder cases. "Besides these cases, he is also involved in cases related to burglaries," the police note claimed.

Deputy Commissioner of police (West division) Sanjeev Patil said that the police had to open fire at Psycho when he attacked a police constable on his arm with a dagger. "We had to open three rounds of shots, one in the air, second on his wrist and third on his right knee before immobilising him and arresting him from his hideout," he explained.

When the police search party reached his hideout, Psycho along with his aide pounced on the police head constable with a dagger and stabbed him on his arm. "Assistant Commissioner of police, Najunde Gowda fired in the air, but unperturbed Psycho continued to put up resistance. Inspector Prashant opened fire at his knee while the ACP shot him on his wrist. Only then did Psycho stop attacking the policemen with his dagger," a senior police officer said.

Psycho is known for burying his victims in garbage dump yards after committing the murder. He usually committed murders using a dagger, the police said.

In another case the Bengaluru Central Crime Branch police team headed by Inspector Puneeth opened fire at notorious rowdy Manjunath aka Bonda Manja, who was playing hide and seek with the police for more than a month.

The CCB had been in search of this criminal for more than a month, who is notorious for murders and burglaries. He is wanted in more than 23 such cases.

The police said that Bonda Manja is known for his eating habits. The nickname Bonda denotes that he is a foodie and devours snacks.

When the police search party reached his hideout in Konankunte, Manja tried to escape by attacking a police constable using a dagger but Inspector Punit opened fire in the air and then fired at his knee to immobilise him before arresting him.

Both history sheeters have been arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.

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