Being single mom, a daily soap is an 'instant money maker' for Ginnie Virdi

"My character is called Sunaina, who is very positive, calm, loving and disciplined. But at the same time, some twists and turns make my character very interesting, which I can't disclose right now. The show has just started, let's wait and watch what lies ahead," she said.

by IANS | Updated Dec 04, 2022

Being single mom, a daily soap is an 'instant money maker' for Ginnie Virdi

Clearly loving being in a daily soap, the actress said there's more to it than getting instant recognition.

"Daily soap is also an instant money maker for me. Being a single mom, and with no help from my abusive husband, I need money to raise my child. For me, daily soap is my saviour," she said.

On competition in the industry is increasing every day, she said, "This doesn't affect me at all because what is mine will come to me eventually... I don't believe in competition. I strongly believe in God, and feel whatever lies in a person's destiny will reach him/her. It's just that you need to work hard for it and I will keep doing hard work," she said.

Ginnie also relates with Sunaina on many things.

"Sunaina is very loving, positive and trusts everyone till the end. But when she realises that another person is cheating her, that's when she makes that person's life hell. 'Kyun ki pyar ke badle baimani karne ka haq kisi ko nahi hai'. I am like that in real life as well," she said.

Ginnie added: "The content of this show is completely new. This is a story about the past and the present with twists and turns, and a lot of drama."

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