Ayudha Pooja 2021 Date: Check Ayudha Pooja 2021 Festival Holidays List Here

Ayudha Pooja 2021 Date: Ayudha Pooja 2021 Date falls on Thursday this year 14th October 2021 and it's going to be a long weekend for work and studies. The ayudha pooja is a Hindu festival observed as a regional public holiday in some southern Indian states. Ayudha Pooja 2021 Date, also known as Astra puja the holiday is celebrated on the ninth day of Navaratri every year.  

by A Maria Minolini | Updated Oct 12, 2021

Ayudha Pooja 2021 Date: Check Ayudha Pooja 2021 Festival Holidays List Here
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Ayudha Pooja Date 2021

The celebration of ayudha pooja starts on 14th October 2021 which falls on Thursday. Ayudha pooja is a Hindu festival that is traditionally celebrated in India. This is a part of the Navaratri festival. The importance of ayudha pooja on this ocassion may also be due to the fact that on the Vijayadashami day. The celebration of ayudha pooja recognizes the functionality and tools, objects and devices we use on a daily basis. The festival falls on the ninth day or Navami of the bright half moon’s cycle of 15th days in the month of September and October and it is popular on Dasara. On this ayudha pooja day, all instruments such as big and small are cleaned and workshipped. 

  • Ayudha Pooja Date 2021 -  14th October 2021

Ayudha Pooja 2021 Tamil Calendar

On the day of Saraswathi Puja or Ayutha puja, it is celebrated in a very big manner and the Saraswathi is worshipped.

How to celebrate ayudha pooja 2021?

Saraswathi is worshipped and as well as the books and educational tools representing Saraswathi, all instruments and implements like Computers, Printers, Spanners, and other hardware tools are also worshipped on the ninth day. Navaratri or Saraswathi puja properly known as Durga puja is one of the greatest Hindu festivals. People used to arrange dolls of gods and goddesses on the rack and will be singing Laxmi's song at night. These collective events are known as Golu in addition they prepare food (Sundal) for the devotees and their neighbours to share with each other.  

Ayudha Pooja 2021 Holidays

The festival is celebrated as ayudha pooja in various states such as Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as ayudha puja in Tamil Nadu and as ayudha pooja in Kerala. In the northeast, it is called mahanavami. In Odessa, it is celebrated as Astra Puja. It is observed as Dussehra in Karnataka. Ayudha Puja is the celebration of the triumph over sinful. The instruments which are workshopped on the day of the festival comprise small items such as spanners, scissors and pins and bigger items such as vehicles and machinery. Also, people worship Saraswati, who is the Goddess of Wisdom; Lakshmi, who is the Goddess of wealth; and Parvati, who is also known as the divine mother. People believe that worshipping the instruments on Ayudha Pooja will give them success. 

  • Ayudha Pooja 2021 Holidays - 14th October 2021 Thursday 

  • Vijaya Dasami - 15th October Friday



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Ayudha pooja 2021 date - FAQs

1. When is the ayudha puja celebrated ?

The ayudha pooja is celebrated on 14th October 2021.

2. What type of things is to be worshipped?

The things which are worshipped are spanners, scissors and pins and the bigger items such as vehicles and machinery.

3. What is the meaning of the festival?

The meaning of the festival is it is a much-awaited Hindu festival celebrated on the 9th day of every year. 

4. How many days will the festival be celebrated?

It is 10 long days festival being celebrated.

5. What is the 10 days festival know as?

The festival is known as 'Golu' in which they arrange god and goddess in racks and make snacks and praise to god and share it with their neighbors. 

6. In how many places is this festival celebrated?

This festival is being celebrated in different places such as Mysore, Andhra Pradesh, Odessa and Tamilnadu.

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