Austin Mcbroom Arrested? Who Is Austin Mcbroom? Austin Mcbroom Wikipedia, Age, Kids, Wife, Family

Austin Mcbroom Arrested- the well-known American Youtuber has yet again made it to the headlines for yet another accusation. Austin is known to be a very humble family-oriented person, according to his videos on Youtube, but what he is accused of is somewhat controversial. However, let's get on Austin Mcbroom Arrested and dig into detailed information. Stay until the end of the article to find out Austin Mcbroom was Arrested and a lot more than that. 

by Haritha L | Updated Dec 03, 2022

Austin Mcbroom Arrested? Who Is Austin Mcbroom? Austin Mcbroom Wikipedia, Age, Kids, Wife, Family
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Who Is Austin Mcbroom?

McBroom is a well-known YouTuber who rose to fame by posting videos about children, family, and everyday life on video-sharing platforms, according to reports from ladbible. The 30-year-old earned a reputation as a proficient basketball player while amassing more than 18 million subscribers. Austin McBroom was previously a college basketball player turned TikTok and YouTube star. He is the director of his YouTube channel, The ACE Family, which he shares with his wife, Catherine, and his three young children. McBroom, his wife, and their children have over 19m subscribers on YouTube.


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Was Austin Mcbroom Arrested?

Over the years, McBroom has swerved beyond controversy after controversy; however, the developing listing of allegations is tougher to ignore. In addition to false rumors, McBroom has confronted allegations of toddler abuse, rape, and sexual assault, according to reports from yourtango. In 2019, YouTuber Cole Carrigan published a now-deleted video wherein he claimed McBroom, his father, a safety defends and one in every of McBroom's buddies sexually assaulted and raped one in every one of his buddies, including that different girls had shared comparable testimonies with him of alleged attacks with the aid of using McBroom. Carrigan stated he became no more extended gift but became making the video on their behalf, presenting screenshots allegedly exchanged among the girls and McBroom, in addition to pix of bloody bedsheets from the nighttime of the alleged rape.McBroom denied the claims in a tweet and accused Carrigan of extortion. He additionally shared screenshots of messages from one of the alleged victims, who stated that McBroom "did not rape me or anyone" and that "this wasn't Cole's story to tell." Later that day, he shared prison files displaying that he was taking prison motion "to handle this matter of extortion," even though he no longer kingdom explicitly who he was taking the motion towards or what that motion may be.

Austin Mcbroom Wife

Austin McBroom's wife, Dolores Catherine Johnston Paizwas born on August 24, 1990, in Montreal, Canada. Catherine, 33, is a famous social media star with a staggering 7.3 million followers on Instagram and has appeared as a TV host, according to reports from the Sun. However, she is also a renowned Canadian actress and has had roles in films such as Lion's Blood, Monday Nights at Seven, and You Can't Have It. However, much of Ms. McBroom's success can be attributed to her husband's joint YouTube channel with Austin. The happy couple's ACE' channel has a whopping 18.5 million subscribers and over 4 billion views. And her video, with almost 40 million views to date, is Austin's stunning proposal to Katherine after jumping out of a plane in 2017. The two were married in the same year.


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Austin Mcbroom Family

Austin McBroom's parents are Micole and Allen McBroom, according to reports from Sportskeeda. The two are now divorced, and Allen is married to his second wife, Erica McBroom. Allen McBroom has made numerous appearances on his son Austin's YouTube channel, The ACE Family. Allen also runs a non-profit camp called The Painted Turtle. The camp helps and supports children with mental disabilities. Austin McBroom's mother, Micole, is the founder of the Lipstick Diaries clothing brand. While in his school, McBroom was involved in several sports, such as baseball, basketball, and soccer. He was initially recognized for his impressive career as a basketball player, but later became a social turned to media. He first started his internet career by releasing a music video.

Austin Mcbroom Kids

McBroom and Catherine Paiz, alias 'The ACE Family,' have become two of the highest-earning and most successful YouTubers worldwide. Since they began sharing their lives on the public platform in 2016, the duo has earned more than 19m subscribers and is quite prominent in their videos. McBroom took to Instagram to announce the birth of their third child, captioning the picture: "Son, your big sisters made me the luckiest father in the world, and you've completed my dream." Cute, right? Austin and Catherine have three children, daughters Elle and Alaia, who inspired their YouTube channels A' and 'E.' His son Steele is the youngest of three siblings, according to reports from the Sun. Katherine is good friends with world star Kylie Jenner, and she once threw a gender reveal party for the couple. In March of this year, Lovebird posted a video on his YouTube titled "The End of the ACE Family," claiming to leave the platform at the end of 2022. The reason is that we spend more time together and travel as a family.


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Austin Mcbroom Bio

Specification Details
Name Austin McBroom
Age 30 years old
Born 20 May 1992
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Occupation Youtuber
Spouse Catherine Johnston 
Networth $2 Million.

Austin Mcbroom Age

Austin McBroom is an American YouTuber famous for making videos with his family; he was born on May 20, 1992, and is 30 years old as of 2022. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 78 kg, according to reports from grand peoples. People love Austin for his humble nature and attachment to his family, as he is very family oriented, as we see him in his videos with his wife and kids. Austin's zodiac sign is Taurus, and he is a Christian by birth. He is of Hispanic descent and was born in Los Angeles, California. Austin McBroom has an estimated networth of $2 Million and has turned YouTube stars into lifestyle brands, with garages full of decidedly expensive cars, $10 million mansions, and more. However, her success could have been more obvious.

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austin mcbroom arrested who is austin mcbroom? FAQs

1. Who is Austin McBroom?

Austin McBroom is a well-known American YouTuber.

2. How old is Austin McBroom?

Austin McBroom is currently 30 years old.

3. How tall is Austin McBroom?

Austin McBroom is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

4. Who is Austin McBroom married to?

Austin McBroom has been married to Dolores Catherine Johnston Paizwas since 

5. What was Austin McBroom accused of?

Austin McBroom was accused of allegations of rape, and sexual assault.

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