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  3. Ascension Patch Notes - Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes, Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension - Full Game Updates

Ascension Patch Notes - Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes, Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension - Full Game Updates

Ascension Patch Notes - Respawn Entertainment is the creator of the game "Apex Legends" and it is a battle royale game and free to play, where the legendary players fight for fame, glory, and fortune on the Frontier fringes. Investigate a developing list of different characters and experience exceptional strategic crew play in an intense, new fight royale advancement. Do you know the Ascension Patch Notes? What are the Ascension Patch Notes? Upgrade and update your game with the latest Ascension Patch Notes. Treat yourself by knowing the new Ascension Patch Notes. If you want to know about the Ascension Patch Notes, then stay with us to learn about Ascension Patch Notes, Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes, Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension, Patch Note Apex Season 7.

by Shalini | Updated Nov 03, 2020 13:18 PM

Ascension Patch Notes - Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes, Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension - Full Game Updates

Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes - Ascension Patch Notes Apex

Ascension Patch Notes - Ascension, the seventh season of Apex Legends, will be starting on November 04, 2020. Players can enjoy playing Apex Legends for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC.The patch notes have come up with a series of adjustments on the board, including Weapons, Legends, and changes to the new map - Olympus. Play the game like a pro by updating your game from the Ascension Patch Notes.

What are the Ascension Patch Notes ? What are the latest updates in Ascension Patch Notes ?

Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension Update - Patch Note Apex Season 7

Respawn has just added the following items in season seven: the new legend Horizon, another field called Olympus, and the Trident hovercar, Apex's first pilotable vehicle. The season will likewise stamp the Battle Royale's Steam debut, total with celebratory firearm charms. 

Take a look at the Ascension Patch Notes.

Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

A complete guide on Ascension Patch Notes :

Map Rotation

With another new season coming, another Map and Respawn is dispersing the map turn. For the initial fourteen days, players may have the option to jump into Olympus in casual games and in the restricted time Olympus Preview mode. After that period closes, the rotation will just element two fields: Olympus and World's Edge. Lords Canyon will be out of the ordinary revolution, at any rate, for the following few months.

Legend adjustments

The Series of legends will go under the blade in season seven, from the universal Pathfinder to the once in a while observed Loba. Bangalore's definitive will convey quicker, in six seconds rather than eight. The more limited circuit "will urge enemies to leave the zone somewhat quicker," and it could likewise build the abilities synergy with Horizon's ultimate. A quicker deployment time implies that utilizing the two related turns out to be more agreeable.

Scathing's snares - Scathing's snares will likewise observe massive changes. The obscured vision impact of the Nox Gas is good and gone, yet to compensate for lost power, Respawn is polishing its damage. Ticks bargain expanding harm going from six to 12 health rather than four to 10.

Mirage mains - Mirage mains are getting another toy. The trickster's decoys currently have 45 well-being; however, they won't function as a shield. Any bullet hitting the hologram will keep on traveling ordinarily until it hits another article. Decoys will likewise glint incidentally in the wake of being shot to help recognize the genuine Mirage and his clones.

Octane - Octane's heat rate will increase twofold to one health for every second, allowing the daredevil to recover a lot quicker and be more forceful—only like Octane ought to be.

Wattson's wall - Wattson's wall is preparing a lift and is to leave anything in tracks. Her strategic harm will increment to 15 from a past 10, which makes her wall significantly deadlier. Players will need to check a room before raging through the entryway.

Loba - Loba's Black Market is getting an update. Players can load up on all the ammo they need without consuming space, which is fantastic to settle your group's loot needs.

Ramopart - Rampart's ordnances will work a lot faster. The new fix will drop Sheila's spin up the opportunity to 1.25 seconds (down from two), and amped cover will trigger after only three seconds rather than the past four. Respawn would not like to eliminate her need to set up before a commitment, yet needs to make it simpler to do as such.

Pathfinder - Pathfinder's progressions aren't limited to his pack. Respawn refreshed his hitbox to make him somewhat simpler to hit. However, he's more challenging to hit than different legends. The engineers additionally kept up the Low Profile uninvolved, which expands approaching harm.

Pathfinder's Grappling Hook is going under the blade, as well. Respawn is pushing an extraordinary variety of ongoing changes to his strategies. His cooldown is covered at 30 seconds, representing liveliness, which implies that the downtime won't be more significant than 35 seconds altogether. Respawn has multiplied the measure of separation essential to arrive at the most extreme cooldown and permit the Grappling Hook to be considered "completed" regardless of whether the legend isn't contacting the floor.

Weapon meta

The new season brings fundamental adjusting changes to certain weapons and includes the renewed introduction of the R-99 as ground loot and the Prowler's transition to the care package area.

Hemlock - The Hemlok will get an alternate recoil pattern, which generally applies to the burst-fire mode, and its headshot multiplier will likewise drop to 1.75 (39 harm rather than 44). The Havoc will follow a comparable course and get an upgraded recoil pattern.

Sentinel - The Sentinel will see a critical lift. Rather than its old Disruptor impact, which managed additional harm against shields, energizing the sniper rifle will expand its damage in all cases from 70 to 88. It's by all account not the only marksman rifle accepting changes, either. The Triple Take's fire rate will drop somewhat when the fix lands.

Quickdraw Holster - Players will likewise experience another bounce up called Quickdraw Holster, relevant for the Wingman and RE-45. It diminishes weapon trade time, hipfire spread, and holster activities. Wingman users should pick between the new bounce up and the Skullpiercer, which builds headshot harm. The Quickdraw Holster will supplant the Selectfire following the Prowler's transition to the car package.

Game meta

Including the weapon balance changes, the new season will change the qualities for Evo Shields and ring harm. The new Evo Shield esteems are:

  • Level zero to one: 100 damage (from 50)

  • Level one to two: 150 damage (from 125)

  • Level two to three: 300 damage (from 250)

  • Level three to four: 750 damage (from 500)

Ring damage will get gentler beginning on ring two. In the second round, it'll just drop three percent of most significant well-being rather than five, a change that gives players more opportunity to pop a Syringe. 

Below are the Updated features :

  • Ring One: 2 percent per tick (same)

  • Ring Two: 3 percent per tick (from five percent)

  • Ring Three: 5 percent per tick (from 10 percent)

  • Ring Four: 10 percent per tick (from 20 percent)

  • Ring Five: 10 percent per tick (from 20 percent)

  • Ring Six: 15 percent per tick (from 25 percent)

  • Ring Seven: 15 percent per tick (from 25 percent)

New Vehicle: The Trident

Elite to Olympus, the Trident is a drift vehicle intended for your entire crew. 

Voyage the highways to stay away from chokepoints or utilize the lift to take off over bounces; this is made to accelerate those early game revolutions. Drive in the third individual, or ride as a traveller in the first individual with full shooting capacities. The Trident is stable, so it will never detonate; however, harm applied from the enemy fire will be scattered among the vehicle's major parts. Try not to stress, you can even now harm players by hitting them legitimately, so we hope to see some stunning Kraber shots. Land to stop it anyplace and use it as improvised cover in the late game. 

The Trident connects with Legend capacities from various perspectives, explore and have a great time!


With this season, also clubs have been introduced. Get a club together with similarly invested legends and make it simpler to locate your victor crew. Try not to see a specific club you like; at that point, create one and let your companions know to join.


Boot up Steam and begin downloading and play Apex Legends. In case you're originating from Origin, all your advancement and opens will continue. Also, temporarily, sign into Steam and get these Half-Life and Portal enlivened weapon charms.

Battle Pass

The Season 7 Battle Pass is about that high style. Level up your Pass to open the skins like the Wraith "High Class" and Octane's "Quick Fashion".

Difficulties are no longer focus based and are currently allowed between 1 to 5 stars, contingent upon their trouble. Gathering 10 stars will take you to the following Battle Pass level. They have also added tabs to the difficulties menu in the hall that permit you to flip between day by day, a full week after week, and function difficulties. Inside a match, players can open the guide and see this equivalent widget in the game.

Bug Fixes


 A few progressions in footstep sound playing all the more dependably. 


Fixed an issue with ziplines experiencing stages when conveyed from underneath. 


Fixed an issue with preparing a grenade dropping Wraith's ultimate. 


  • Fixed an issue with stalling out in twofold hop in the wake of utilizing a jump pad. 

  • Fixed an issue with Octane having the option to use recuperating things while on a zipline. 


  • Fixed an issue with his robot having the option to drop things from Crypto's stock. 

  • Fixed an issue with his robot not having the opportunity to fit through specific windows. 

  • Fixed an issue with his robot checking well disposed Mirage distractions as enemies. 


Fixed an issue with Revenant getting driven into geo when his symbol was conveyed in restricted spaces. 


  • Fixed an issue with Rampart not having the option to put an amp divider while hopping. 

  • Fixed an issue with Sheila transporting when set on an incubate in World's Edge Staging.

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Ascension Patch Notes - FAQ's

1. Who is the creator of the game Apex Legends?

Respawn Entertainment is the creator of the game Apex Legends.

2. Name the Seventh season of Apex Legends?

Ascension is the seventh season of Apex Legends.

3. When will the Seventh season of Apex Legends begin?

Ascension, the seventh season of Apex Legends, will be starting on November 04, 2020.