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Art Is Dead Lyrics The Buttress - Art Is Dead Song Lyrics

Art Is Dead Lyrics: You can get the  Art Is Dead Song Lyrics “Your dick need Miracle Gro I'm a miracle hoe” by The Buttress below and Art Is Dead has been topping the charts ever since it came out. With a beautiful rendition by The Buttress, Art Is Dead has become an instant hit. Scroll down to get the full lyrics of Art Is Dead

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Art Is Dead Lyrics The Buttress - Art Is Dead Song Lyrics

Art Is Dead Lyrics by The Buttress

Your dick need Miracle Gro
I'm a miracle hoe
Art is dead
Buy my shit

[Verse 1]
I am standing in a room
And the resonant frequencies of my voice are telling you what to do
Buy my shit, listen to me, I'm cool
I flow sicker than bitches painting with period blood at art school
Don't be mad that I fucked your dad
I said that line once a long time ago in a rap
I pulled the video cause I thought it was trash
But despite my efforts, Miracle Gro's still my most successful track
So now I'm remixing it for kicks
And I'm switching up the concept cause I'm a deep-ass existential bitch
I'll keep the same title so I get the hits
And I'll call this one "Art Is Dead, Buy My Shit"

Your dick need Miracle Gro
I'm a miracle hoe
Art is dead
Buy my shit

[Verse 2]
Keep your theory out my practice, you wack bitch
Duh I wanna be rich
But end of the day I'd rather be broke and a savage
That's why I'm still eating scraps in The Attic
And all these faggots wish they were me, even though my life's fucking tragic
I cry harder than outsider artists
I'm estranged, scene doesn't like me, think I'm retarded (cause I am)
But that doesn't change the fact that I can rap
Better than any of these fucking bitches or any of these fucking men
I'm not your friend, I think you suck dick
Y'all a bunch of try-hard weirdos, thinking you're Harmony Korine
Buttress absurd and dark
You guys make flash photography, wannabe Larry Clarks
Rap game Rothko in this bitch
Got no interest in making Warhol pop art for the rich
Cause i'm a deep-ass abstract expressionist
Doesn't matter, art is dead, buy my shit

Your dick need Miracle Gro
I'm a miracle hoe
Art is dead
Buy my shit

Art Is Dead Lyrics Details

Movie/Album : Buttress
2010 of the song: 2010 
Singers: The Buttress
Music Composer: The Buttress

Art Is Dead Lyrics from Buttress

This song is one of The Buttress best works. The Buttress has given life to the song through his/her unique voice. Fans of The Buttress can't seem to get enough of this wonderful song. Memorizing the lyrics is so easy because of the song’s peppy tune and catchy lyrics.

Interesting Facts About The Singer

The song from the Buttress became viral soon after its release. Sung by The Buttress, has left thousands mesmerized with its brilliance. Lyrics by The Buttress have played a major role in the success of the song. The Buttress has once again proved himself through the lines of this song. Overall this song is something that is never going to leave your playlist.

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The Buttress is very famous for many of his super hit songs like

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Explore some of the interesting facts about The Buttress below

First Song - first party of the singer
Nationality - New Jersey of the Singer
Genre - Hardcore Hip Hop, Horrorcore of the Singer

2010 of Art Is Dead

Produced by The Buttress the song is an ecstatic one. It was released on 2010. The lyrics will definitely make us feel fascinated and euphoric. If you want to find the lyrics of this song then you are in the right place. 

Some facts about Art Is Dead Song Lyrics

Released on 2010, this song has had No of Views on Youtube.
The Lyricist of this song is The Buttress

Lyrical Video Of The Art Is Dead Song
Check out the lyrical video of the song here.

Video -

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Art Is Dead Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did the Song Release?

The Art Is Dead Song was released on 2010.

2. Who is the Singer of the Song?

The singer of Art Is Dead Song is The Buttress.

3. What is the album name of the Song?

The Art Is Dead is from the Buttress

4. Where to check the Song Lyrics?

Viewers can check the full song lyrics on our page.